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Collection: Faroe Islands Posters

🇫🇴Posters with pictures from the nature of the Faroe Islands, which are at once both poetic and raw. In the series Faroe Islands posters you will find nature pictures that have a dreamy and adventurous expression, but also typical motifs from the islands, such as the many beautiful sheep. If you love the Faroe Islands, hang them on your walls.

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Photo trip to the Faroe Islands

In 2018, Niels was invited to the Faroe Islands to take pictures for the Faroese volleyball association, and it was an absolutely fantastic trip. We reached far and wide and also got to take many pictures that have nothing at all to do with sports. We were so lucky to be privately housed, and therefore also had a personal guide who drove us around the islands. In the Faroe Islands, there are many fine paved roads, which makes it incredibly easy to get around the islands that are connected. In the Faroe Islands, of course, there are also islands and areas that are less accessible.

We have only been to the Faroe Islands so far this one time, but it is a place we will definitely return to, at some point. The vast expanses with high to the sky, the historic tranquility and the infinitely friendly and welcoming Faroese, are all appealing. The Faroe Islands are just over 2 hours from Copenhagen Airport, there are several departures daily, and if you book your flights well in advance, they can be purchased at affordable prices.

5 things to see in the Faroe Islands - Or sights of the Faroe Islands

5 things to see in the Faroe Islands is such a typical way to attract some attention to its article. Of course, you have to see a lot more than 5 things once you have set off for the transatlantic islands. If we now still play with the idea of ​​5 things you should see, if you are accommodated in, or around, Thorshavn and do not expect to have to go around by ship or helicopter. So 5 sights you can easily get to by car, from Thorshavn. Our bids could be:

1 The waterfall Múlafossur by Gásadalur

The village of Gasadalur is located on the west side of the island of Vágar, where the airport is also located. When you leave the airport, Vágar is on the left and Thorshavn on the right. Most people go to Gásadalur to experience the famous and breathtaking waterfall Mulafossur. Now it's the Faroe Islands and one of the nice things is that even the most beautiful attractions are never overrun with tourists. For the same reason, the signage may also be a bit minimalist.

You easily overlook the sign, but the waterfall is approx. 500 meters, on the left hand side, before reaching the village of Gásadalur. We ended up driving through town and up an extremely muddy mountainside. Even though we were in 4 wheel drive, we had to back down again - reasonably strenuous ride.

klipperne and the waterfall Mulafossur by Gasadalur
The rocks and the waterfall Mulafossur by Gasadalur

2. Naturhavnen i Gjógv

Out by the village Gjogv - pronounced Djåv - there is a very nice little natural harbor, with entrance from the Atlantic Ocean, between rugged cliff sides. Here is very quiet. You should not think of a port with ships moored and struggling with life and happy days. It's just such a nice quiet place. However, it was blowing half a pelican when we were there. We had to give up climbing the bird cliff, which is right next door, as we were literally blowing into the sea.

From the parking lot, an illuminated path has been made, which ends at a small bench from which you can look out to the harbor. The path and the bench are made in connection with a visit from Princess Mary, and are a bit silly.

naturhavnen i gjogv på færøerne
Naturhavnen i Gjogv

3. Saxony and surroundings

Saksun is located north of the Faroe Islands' largest island, Streymoy. It is not so much the village that is an experience, but rather the magnificent nature. If you park by Saksun Church, if you are lucky and it is low tide, you can hike all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean. If you are less fortunate, you just have to look out over the lake that floods the area. Either way, there is beautiful scenery, with many smaller waterfalls.

the dry route to the sea at saksun
The dry route to the sea at Saksun

4. Hike to the top of Klakkur

Just outside the Faroe Islands' second largest town, Klaksvik, there is a small tuber, called Klakkur. It is relatively easy to hike to the top of, and the view from the top is absolutely stunning. You get a nice view down to Klaksvík, but you also get a 360 degree view of all the islands in the area.

It's easy to get to the foot of the mountain by car, and like everywhere else it's easy to find a place to park your car. There is no actual hiking trail to the top, so you are pretty free to decide which trail you want to follow to the top.

utsigt over klaksvik fra klakkur
Udsigt over Klaksvik fra Klakkur
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5. Trøllkonufingur and Koltur i et

Here you do not get up on the bird mountain Trøllkonufingur or out on the island Koltur, but that is not the idea either. Instead, you get to a point where you can enjoy and photograph both from a distance. From the village Sandavágur you drive by Hammersheimbsvegur and continue by Úti á Bakka. You can drive all the way to the view, but you can also park under the road and walk the last stretch. It's a bit of a temperament.

trøllkonufingur og koltur set fra sandavágur
Trøllkonufingur og Koltur set fra Sandavágur

Faroe Islands posters

It was our offer of 5 beautiful nature experiences that are easy to get to while you are a tourist in the Faroe Islands. We have been to all 5 attractions, and can recommend that you bring a camera, then you will have memories for life to take home. Did you not just take a picture when you were there, or the changeable weather made your pictures just lack that wow, then feel free to see if we, in our pictures from the Faroe Islands, have a Faroe Islands poster you can use.


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