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Frames A3

Despite the fact that we all know the size - probably not exactly exactly - of an A3 paper quite well, the most popular size for small pictures and posters has long been 30x40 cm. It is now being thoroughly overhauled, and today we sell almost as many A3 posters and A3 frames as we sell 30x40. This is probably due, among other things, to the fact that we all have easy access to printing an A3 picture.

A3 frames on the wall

A3 frames have a nice size. It's not too small and not too big, and you can fit it in - almost - over everything. You can almost always fit 2 to 3 A3 picture frames in, as long as you have a little bit of bare wall to decorate. It's also a nice size as part of a picture wall where you experiment with different picture and frame sizes.

If you are working with a small wall, A3 frames can be the large frames around which you fit smaller picture frames. If you are working with a large wall, your A3 frames may be the small frames that you fit around the larger frames. Frames in the A3 size are therefore a fairly universal and extremely useful size.

Picture frames A3 in different materials

Although it is probably the poster or the picture itself that is to be framed that is most important, it is of course not important what the frame that will hold the picture looks like. And here it is naturally a matter of taste and preference. Some people prefer wooden frames while others prefer metal frames and sometimes one material suits a motif better than another material. It may be that in your other home furnishings, you have found a style that requires you to choose a specific A3 frame type. Fortunately, at PLAKATfar you will find a large number of beautiful frames in A3.

Black and white wooden frame A3

We sell three different beautiful wooden picture frames. You can choose to have your new - or old - posters and pictures framed in our black and very popular wooden frame in A3 size. It is a very distinctive frame where you can sense the grain of the wood through the black paint.

You can also choose our white A3 wooden frame. It has the same dimensions as the black wooden frame, but does not appear quite as striking as the black picture frames. Your pictures will therefore appear a little lighter and a little more "floating".

Oak frame A3

Finally there is our evergreen and perennially best-selling oak frame in A3 size. Oak frames are just one type of frame that fits well with the Nordic and Scandinavian interior design style. Our solid oak frames are also simply some of the most delicious on the market. Just unpacking them and smelling the smell of freshly cut wood is an experience. And then our oak frames are a bit of a work of art in themselves: because they are made of solid wood, no two frames are alike. But that is part of the charm of real oak frames.

Metal frames in A3 size

If you are more into narrow, elegant frames, which can only just be seen around your pictures, then you are probably more into our metal frames. At PLAKATfar you can choose between our black A3 metal frame, our white A3 metal frame and our golden A3 metal frame. We also call the last one "brass" or "gold".

A3 frames in high quality

Regardless of which A3 frames you choose, we guarantee that you will get picture frames of very high quality. Our frames are produced in Italy to very high quality standards.

Our A3 wooden frames are all made of solid oak. This gives you a surface that both feels and smells like wood. You don't get that with frames made of, for example, MDF, on which a thin foil has been glued, with an image of wood. The frame profiles are manufactured ultra-precisely, which is why you get frames where the edges and joints are stringy.

Our A3 metal frames are some of the narrowest on the market. They are almost not there. With our metal frames, it's really your pictures and posters that come into focus. Our metal frames are typically chosen by artists and the like who simply want a mark around their picture. The aluminum profiles from which the metal frames in A3 sizes are made are both narrow, precise and strong. therefore you get a light and elegant frame, the quality of which shines through.

All our frames are of the switch frame type, and therefore can you can change the picture or poster in the frame at any time when you get tired of looking at it. After all, it is easier and cheaper to renew your wall decoration than your home's furniture. In addition, all our frames have mounting brackets, so they can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

Cheap A3 frames

Our frames are certainly not the cheapest on the market, on the other hand you get very high quality frames, and if you buy several frames at a time, or frames and posters together, there is always a lot of money to save.

At PLAKATfar you can choose to buy posters, pictures and frames together and thus save a lot of money on the frames. It's very simple. On the individual poster pages you can see the posters with the different types of frames on them. When you are satisfied with your choice, you can put it all together in the basket with one click. We provide the framing for free. So not only do you make a good deal, your posters and pictures are also ready to be hung as soon as you receive them. it's easy then.

Cheap quality frames in many sizes

Perhaps you are not looking for A3 frames at all, or perhaps you have been inspired to see our other sizes of quality frames, which are:

A5 frames (Suitable for A5 pictures of 148x210 mm)

A4 frames (Suitable for A4 pictures of 210x297 mm)

30x40 frames (Suitable for pictures of 30x40 cm)

40x50 frames (Suitable for images on 40x50 cm)

A2 frames (Fits images of 420x594 mm)

50x70 frames (Suitable for pictures on 50x70 cm)

70x100 frames (Suitable for pictures on 70x100 cm)



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