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Quality picture frames at a sharp price. The quality is top notch on our Italian picture frames. With a picture frame, or several, from Plakatfar, you get beautiful picture frames in good materials. Our oak frames are made of solid oak, and all the wood used is of course FSC certified, which is your insurance for sustainable forestry - so you get cheap frames in high quality. All of our picture frames are of the shift frame type so you can use them over and over and over again.

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Elegant Cheap Picture Frames For Posters and Pictures

If you are looking for cheap, high quality picture frames then you have come to the right place. We call them cheap frames, and so it is. But that does not mean that it is a bad picture frame you are buying. All our picture frames are Italian designed and made in very high quality. We supply all our frames, up to 50x70 cm with "real" glass - and not acrylic. Our picture frames of 70x100 cm, we deliver with acrylic, but if you ask for it you get glass in, while our large frames of 100x140 cm are only delivered with acrylic. Otherwise they would not be able to be transported at all. Our acrylic is adapted to the look of the glass, in the less cheap frames. Therefore, you can safely hang all our cheap frames next to each other.

Of course, you want a nice picture frame to frame your poster in, and when you can even get the nice picture frame cheaply, then everything is absolutely perfect. The right picture frame can help to highlight your favorite poster, and therefore it does not matter which picture frame you choose. At Plakatfar you can choose between wooden frames of oak, black picture frames of wood, white picture frames of wood and white or black frames in aluminum. Our picture frames of painted wood and oak frames are of course FSC certified, which ensures that the wood originates from sustainable forestry.

At you get delicious wooden frames, oak frames and aluminum frames in high quality, even if we call it cheap frames.

Frame sizes

You can get your cheap picture frame for posters in many sizes. From the small picture frame of 15x21, or A5 over the medium sizes of A4, 30x40 cm and a3 frame, over the medium-sized cheap picture frames of 40x50 cm to the large picture frame 50x70 cm and the very large picture frame 70x100 cm.

This will of course allow you to buy picture frame sizes that fit all of the store's posters, it will not be easier.

Six types of cheap picture frames

Your choice of picture frame may be what completes the work. In our online store you can thus choose between 6 delicious picture frames.

We have chosen to sell six types of quality frames, at a cheap price, all of which fit fantastically well with the design of our posters in the minimalist style with muted colors, and in general with the Scandinavian decor.

Whether you choose an a3 picture frame or a picture frame 50x70 cm, or whether you choose an oak frame or a black frame, you get a beautiful Italian picture frame in high quality, with a nice finish and well-crafted details. All our poster frames are basically switch frames, and they all have a smart locking system that makes it easy to mount and change posters in them. So you can easily reuse the frames if you should get tired of the posters that were originally mounted in them.

Beautiful and cheap oak frames

You can choose the incredibly popular oak frame. Our oak frame 70x100 cm is one of the ones that sells the most, and this is not so strange, as our oak frames have a very delicious Nordic warm sound. Although oak is a hard wood, the processing of our wooden frames is so accomplished that the surface of the frames feels and feels very soft and smooth. You get a cheap frame in a very high quality.

An oak wooden frame is very modern, and the delicious raw wood fits especially well with our many nature posters. Choose a picture frame in oak of 70x100, as a framing of one of our Danish nature posters, then it is really a matter of motifs and picture frames fusing together into a delicious whole.

A large picture frame of 70x100 in oak is popular like never before. Of course, it takes its space to hang such a large poster up, but if you have room for a single or two large posters for the living room, then it can be super elegant.

If you are looking for cheap wooden frames, take a look at ours and remember that we have free delivery included in the price.

Black and white wooden picture frames

We have chosen a few really nice painted wooden frames for our range. We can supply the picture frames as painted black wooden frames and painted white wooden frames. For both picture frames, you can see the vein drawings from the wood through the paint, which helps to give the frames a, at the same time modern and yet classic look. The painted white wooden frame even has a slightly "worn" look, which many of our customers like. Here, too, you get cheap, high-quality frames.

As with our other frames, you can buy our painted wooden picture frame from 15x21 cm up to 70x100 cm. Of course, it also includes cheap wooden frames in the very popular size of 50x70 cm.

Black and white aluminum frames

Are you more into the elegant picture frame with the narrow edge, then you can choose between the black or white aluminum frames, also called black metal frames and white metal frames, for your photos. It's always taste and pleasure what you thought fit together, but personally we thought our black and white motifs look like a million in the black aluminum frames. Despite the fact that this is also a cheap framework.

It's taste and pleasure and up to you. Are you for the thin crisp metal frames that only just mark an edge around the pictures and posters, or are you for the slightly wider and more marked edge and frame around your pictures and posters. Either way, you can get what you want at On top of that as cheap frames.

Gold frame or Brass frame

The frames with the golden color are known as both gold frames and brass frames. The frames are incredibly rarely made of gold or brass, as the price will be completely insanely high. So our gold frames, or brass frames, are made of aluminum, anodized for the golden color - it's about the same way other vendors' "gold frames" are made.


Cheap picture frames at competitive prices

Although we sell high quality picture frames, we have managed to enter into an agreement with the supplier so that we can offer very cheap frames if you buy the frames along with your posters. It's regardless of picture frame sizes.

Most picture frames from Plakatfar come with "real" glass. The large picture frames of 70x100 cm and 100x140 cm are delivered with an acrylic front that is adapted to the same look as the glass fronts. You can therefore calmly hang them next to each other.

If you want to buy our, in advance, cheap picture frames for posters with a big discount, simply select your picture frame on the same page as you choose your poster. This way you are also ensured that posters and frames fit together in size, just as you get the poster delivered framed so that it is ready to be hung on your wall.


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