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Collection: Popular Posters

Here we have collected the most popular posters of the moment. Popular posters are the posters that most customers think are hitting right now. For natural reasons, there is a lot of replacement in this collection, so come back and follow the development. Common to all our posters and posters, in the series, is that they fit good in the Scandinavian interior design style.

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Popular posters and posters

Sometimes it's just nice to relax and be inspired by the posters that others have found great. Being on the hunt for beautiful posters for the living room can be both tiring and grueling. What motifs should it be ?, what colors should it be? - and there is also the framework you have to consider when your interior design calls for new beautiful posters for the living room, bedroom, or a completely third room. It can be quite confusing, which is why we have created this series, which we call popular posters, and which contains the posters and posters that most customers have looked at - for your inspiration.

Once you have decided, just order your new favorite posters online in our online store, sit back on the couch and wait for your posters to arrive.

Popular motifs in Danish design

Even though you will find trendy posters with modern motifs, from many different poster series, we are behind every single photo that forms the basis for our posters and posters' designs. Thus, you are not only guaranteed to be able to exclusive images and motifs from small series, you will also find many personalized posters that fit together.

We love minimalist motifs and muted delicate colors. No wonder since we grew up in Denmark, where Danish design comes in with breast milk. Especially when we now at the same time ended up becoming architects. New Nordic is a style we are very proud of. This is about bringing nature into the home's interior design, through the house's interior, wall decoration, materials and other art. Our contribution is a few posters for the living room, kitchen or where you need a few pictures for the wall

The Scandinavian style and Nordic interior design are so ingrained in our graphic design, so you will find that our modern posters and pictures easily fit into a typical Danish home.

Wide selection of the most popular posters

Since these are our most popular posters you see on this page, it is natural that the range is constantly being changed. It is with posters as with all other decor and fashion - the customers' wishes for posters change over time, and especially in step with the seasons. For example, not many people buy posters with winter motifs in the summer;)

The series with the most popular posters and posters is a mix of trendy posters from all our series. You will therefore find motifs and pictures from, for example, the genres beautiful nature posters, raw city posters in urban style and evocative motifs from the mindfulness collection. Just like you will find a good mix of posters in color and black and white posters. To see more of all our great popular photos, visit one of our popular categories and galleries.


Black and White Posters

It's very hard to imagine being a photographer and graphic poster designer without a large collection of black and white posters out of it. The stylish and elegant posters in black and white are always popular, and can also be used in many contexts. They are easy to adapt to any room in your home. They easily subordinate themselves to colors and the rest of your interior, while at the same time giving the impression of exalted serenity.

Nature Posters

The nature posters are very close to our hearts. We love to put on our hiking boots and move out into nature, where there are so many beautiful pictures that have not yet been taken. The collection contains mostly photographs from the Scandinavian nature, but you will also find motifs from other countries. In many of our motifs we work with a poetic expression, spiced with melancholy, which is especially expressed in the many motifs with fog and haze.

Photo Art Posters

Photo-art posters are another genre we love a lot. Many of the motifs in this gallery are basically nature posters, but as it is with nature, it is sometimes the greatest painter. Sometimes we are just lucky enough to be present in style, with a camera when nature unfolds.

Posters for the living room

The gallery of posters for the living room is really just another category that holds many various posters, posters and pictures across many genres. These are posters we can label our customers like to buy for their living rooms. Thus, it becomes a kind of most popular posters to the living room category.

Buy your popular posters in many sizes

Since you can buy all our posters in many sizes, you can of course also buy the popular posters in many sizes. You can buy most posters from the very small posters of 15x21 cm and A4 posters, to the large posters of 70x100 cm and 50x70 cm.

All our posters are printed on delicious 230 gr. poster paper, which with its delicious matte surface, helps to keep the motifs sharp and in beautiful colors and black and white tones. All our paper is FSC certified, so you can be sure that the wood used to make the paper comes from sustainable forestry.

Popular images as framed posters

If you want to make it easy for yourself, then you can have your new popular photos delivered to your home in a frame. Then simply hang them on the wall as soon as you receive them.

We are capable of delivery in the most beautiful oak frames, with precise joints, sharp edges and soft surfaces. Wooden frames in oak in general and oak frames in 50x70 cm in particular, are some of our bestsellers in frames. We have chosen to sell them as they fit nicely with our popular posters with nature motifs.

If you are not that much into wood, you can choose between our two metal frames. The white and black aluminum frames are made of beautiful slim aluminum profiles that surround our best-selling posters and posters, in the most beautiful way possible.


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