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Collection: "AIR" - The World Seen From Above

There is something fascinating about seeing the world a little from above. Here in the "AIR" Gallery you will find our collection of images, preferably photographed with our drone. We are even blown away by the fantastic colors and patterns nature offers when you look at it from a slightly untraditional angle.

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Posters and pictures with aerial photo

It's absolutely incredible what the world looks like when you get a little distance like that. In addition to being able to see things you do not notice when walking around the earth, you are presented with shapes, structures and colors that are worthy of abstract paintings.

And exactly posters with abstract motifs and pictures, has always been one of our great passions. It does not matter that you just have to look a few times before you can see what the picture represents. It just helps to make the experience of your posters bigger. At the same time, images that stimulate the imagination are more long-lasting compared to how long you bother to look at them.

So if you are looking for a few posters for the living room or a few pictures for the bedroom, then you may just need to take an extra look at our posters and photos with aerial photos.

Pictures you can hang both vertically and horizontally

In addition to the fact that our gallery with images seen from the air is built around a large number of insanely beautiful images, they are also incredibly flexible. You can turn them as you like - that's smart. When you can even buy the posters from the small pictures in A5 size up to the large posters of 70x100 cm, the possibilities are almost endless when you choose pictures for the wall.

Of course, it is completely unique to be able to turn the posters in the direction you want. For example, if you are in the process of creating a picture wall, you may be able to find more inspiration in it our gallery of horizontal posters or our gallery of vertical posters and pictures. It may also be you can use some great ideas from our examples of picture walls.

billedvæg med abstrakt fotokunst i flotte farver
Posters Blorange No.1 turned and turned
Billedvæg med luftfoto af kulørte trætoppe
Posters Patchwork No.1 in different ways

To photograph with a drone

Photographing with a drone is something other than photographing your regular camera. There are a large number of rules that mean that you can not always and can fly where you want. The weather is also of great importance. On the one hand, the drone can not fly in all kinds of weather, and even if it could, you will also have to take into account the camera's lens.

You are also a bit under time pressure as drones rarely fly over 30 minutes on a single charge. Therefore, you should preferably have a good idea of where the beautiful motifs are. You may also need to return to the same place several times to get the perfect picture.

That being said, it's a huge experience to get the drone in the air, and turn the camera down. It is a whole new world that is opening up. Colors and shapes look completely different from a height of 120 meters.

You can get really tall when you get home and get the photos loaded in the computer, and luckily we often have pictures with homes that end up as posters for the wall, in our online poster store.

Both horizontal and vertical posters

Something very special about our "AIR" gallery is that all the images can be turned and rotated as you like. The posters have nothing up or down, and the aerial photos are just as beautiful and amazing, whether they hang on the long joint or the short joint - it's entirely up to you.

Not only can you flip the "AIR" images the way you want, you can also put them together the way you want. There is a special kinship between the motifs. It can be the color, the texture, the feeling and so on. This means that you can easily put together an entire image wall, only with images from the "AIR" gallery. Of course, you can also choose to mix the "AIR" images with images, from our other galleries. If you are missing inspiration for your picture wall, then you can find it here.

Picture walls are very popular in the Danish and Scandinavian interior design, and the "AIR" gallery is a good place to start.

Personal wall art in Danish design

Since we are behind every single photo that ends up as a picture on one of our posters, we can guarantee you that you get real Danish design. We can also guarantee that you, at Plakatfar, get personal pictures for the wall, as there is a story behind every single motif. The fact that we are a small online poster store also means that you will not find our posters on the wall in every home. We know this means something to some of our customers.

Buy your aerial photo art posters framed

At Plakatfar you can buy your pictures and posters for the wall framed, or without a frame. You decide. We offer some insanely delicious Italian frames to complete your new wall decoration. And if you choose to buy frames and posters together, you save up to 43% on the frames - and we provide free framing - and all you have to do is hang the pictures when you receive them.

You can choose to have your new posters framed for the wall in 4 different frames.

There is the ever-popular oak frame, which in our version is a very nice frame made of solid oak. Just the scent of a solid oak frame is worth it all, but you will also experience a very nice and sharp processed frame in a minimalist look.

We also offer a black wooden frame and a white wooden frame. Both the colored frames are made with veneer on a solid wood core. These are high-quality wooden frames, where you can clearly feel and sense the wooden veins in the painted wood veneer.

Finally, there is the black aluminum frame. The black aluminum frame is for you who want as narrow an edge as possible around your new pictures and posters. Our black metal frame is made with delicious minimalist profiles and precise sharp joints. To that extent, our black metal frame will complete your new posters and pictures.



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