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Welcome to our online poster shop, where you will find a large selection of art posters. Our posters are printed on high quality paper and represent a wide range of artists and styles. Whether you're looking for something to decorate your home, office or a gift for a friend, we hope you find something you can use.

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Fine Art posters

Fine art posters is PLAKATfather's gallery with "foreign" artists. In other words, they are not works of art that we, ourselves, have made, but works of art created by some of the greatest artists of all time - and that makes us feel a little starstruck.

Here you will find works by well-known painters such as Monet, Cezanne, Klee, Klimt, van Gogh, Mondrian and more, just as we have made room for the textile artist William Morris. We have selected and edited some of the artworks that we liked the most, and we hope that it is something you like too.

Art posters or photo art

There is of course a big difference between the great artists and their famous works, and then the motifs we ourselves produce for PLAKAfar. However, we would like to allow ourselves to draw attention to our two galleries with Photo Art and Abstract Photo. Here you will find the posters and photographs that we think have an artistic touch.

Art posters in many sizes

As with all our other posters, you can buy the fine art posters, in several different sizes. However, not in quite as many sizes as you can with, for example, our photo art posters. This is because, out of respect for the original works, we adapt the poster size to the motif to a greater extent than the motif to the poster size. Something we can obviously do better when we are working with our own motives.

Art posters for the wall in the living room

You can, of course, place your art posters exactly where you want. Art posters in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bathroom or art posters in the bedroom or study will always look great. Many of our customers choose two large art posters to hang above, for example the sofa in the living room, and that is why we have designed our collection of art posters so that you can always find 3-4 pieces in the same design line. That way, you are guaranteed to be able to get a nice uniformity when you choose several posters at a time.

The many classics of art posters

There is no doubt that our art posters represent the classics among the great artists and their works. However, we have also chosen to sell a number of lesser-known works by well-known artists, which means that you have the opportunity to buy works that cannot be found everywhere else. It is entirely up to you what you choose, but here you have the options.

The many styles of art posters

Art has, throughout the ages, always bristled in all possible directions, which is also part of art's ways of provoking and creating new interests. The vast majority of artists themselves have gone through a wide range of styles before painting the works that we know best. Piet Mondrian, for example, is best known for his simple black lines and colored fields, in the Bauhaus style. But of course he also painted in all sorts of other styles before he found his right element.

Sometimes you are also surprised by how differently artists, from the same time, reproduce their contemporaries on canvas. After all, there is a world of difference between Monet's beautiful and neat nature paintings and an artist like Franz Marc's very expressionistic avant-garde style.

New and old among the art posters

As written above, there is, within the artists' contemporaries, a great difference in how one views and reproduces the world around him. But in a collection like ours with art posters, the span, in time, is naturally also very large. After all, you don't have to stick to a specific genre when you choose posters for the wall in the living room. You can mix as you want, and that way get a very exciting wall with exactly the works of art you like best.

Inspiration in art

We hope you can find lots of inspiration in our gallery of famous artists and their artworks - in any case, we got a lot of inspiration ourselves from making the posters and the gallery. And we're not done yet. When we delve into the enormous back catalogue, which the many fantastic artists have provided, it is a cornucopia of design, graphics, colors and, not least, beautiful images.

Buy your art posters framed

We offer a wide range of beautiful frames for your new posters. Whether you prefer oak, black, white, thick, thin or brass - we have the frame for you. And if you buy posters and frames together, we will frame your new pictures free of charge. You really just have to lie on the sofa and relax until your new posters arrive - ready to be hung on your walls. Easy as that.


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