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Posters, prints and images online

We are not - quite - like the others ;)

PLAKATfar - which is danish for POSTERdad - is a small independent danish online poster and frame store, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The store was founded in 2016 by danish photographer Niels Kliim.

We design all our posters ourselves, based on photographies we shoot on our trips around the world and world class art from some of the greatest artists who walked the earth. That is why we guarantee, our customers, to get exclusive art from small badges. We offer an extensive collection of posters with nature images, mainly from the scandinavian nature, and Scandinavia is very much the name of the game at PLAKATfar.

Being a danish architect, it is no wonder that Niels Kliim is inspired by the minimalistic danish design and the new nordic way of mind. The latter is about bringing the nature in to our living space, by the materials we use and the art we put on our walls. You will find the nordic style in most of the images from PLAKATfar, being color images from the nature, just outside our door or black and white street photographies from the streets of New York.

“We will never be the cheapest, but you will love our quality and customer care”

The above statement is what PLAKATfar is about. With our size we can never be the cheapest offer on the market. Instead we deliver real, exclusive, art printed on thick strong matte paper and if our customers wants, we frame their new art posters in high quality italian made poster frames, made from the best materials. Everything is, of course sustainable certified.

In general we run a shop with a minimal impact on the environment. We use the most modern production methods, why we only print posters and images that are ordered, meaning no waste and the possibility to offer a wide range of motifs and sizes.

PLAKATfar offer a great variety of poster motifs, why there should be posters for everybody’s taste. As mentioned before, we offer a huge collection of nature posters, as we do have great many posters with images from cities all over the world.

The store is designed for our customers to easily find, what they are looking for. Wether it is colorfull posters, or posters in black and white or if it is posters for the wall in the livingroom, the bedroom or the kitchen – it is easy to get an overview of what we offer. It is all part of the outstanding experience we want all our customers to experience.

We also sell picture frames and poster frames

With us you have always been able to buy your pictures and posters framed, and since we still had the frames we naturally also sold some of them in bulk. Over time, however, frame sales have taken off, and today we sell large quantities of loose frames. In addition to "a few frames" for the private customer, we also sell large quantities to companies, museums and visual artists.

You can see our many quality frames here

Customer care is a vital part of the PLAKATfar way of running a respectable business. Besides that the proper way to treat customers is with care and respect, it is also one of the best way to build relationships and getting ambassadors who will recommend us to others.

At PLAKATfar the customer is truly in focus. Wether they need advice on putting together a picture wall or they need help with returning posters which did not suit the walls anyway.