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Collection: Hilma af Klint Art Posters

May we introduce the ultimate collection of abstract art for the modern art lover - "The Hilma af Klint Collection". If you are tired of staring at boring walls, it's time to jazz them up with some serious geometric shapes and bold colors. Our gallery features some of the most iconic works by the brilliant Swede. These posters will pamper your walls and make your guests green with envy.

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Hilma af Klint posters for your home

At PLAKATfar, we offer some of Hilma af Klint's most famous and celebrated works, such as "The Dove" and "The Swan," as well as posters from her many series, including "Altarpieces" and "The Ten Largest," in sizes up to 50x70 and 70x100 cm.

Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) is one of Sweden's most well-known and respected artists. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, from which she graduated in 1887. After leaving the academy, she had a small studio in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm, where she began painting and exhibiting portraits and landscapes.

From a very young age, Hilma became interested in the spiritual world, an interest that only grew stronger over time. She was convinced that there was more to life than what could be seen with the naked eye, which she tried to convey in her works. Eventually, she developed an artistic style in which she only painted within the abstract art movement, and when she painted, she was convinced that she was in contact with a higher consciousness.

Hilma af Klint and the Spiritual World

It was not uncommon, for her time, to be inspired by spiritualism. Many artists, such as painters, poets, and writers, drew inspiration from spiritual thoughts, and so did Hilma af Klint. Through her paintings, Hilma tried to depict the many different dimensions that she believed exist in life. However, she was well aware that it could be difficult for some to understand. For example, she decided that the paintings in the series "Paintings for the Temple" should not be shown publicly until 20 years after her death. According to Hilma, she was only a tool in the creation of the series. It was she who wielded the brushes, but it was higher powers that stood behind the art and the motifs.

The background for her increasingly spiritual thoughts was her membership in "The Five," a group that Hilma formed together with four other female artists. "The Five" believed they had made contact with higher powers and began to hold séances.

Regardless of how her paintings and language came about, Hilma af Klint is one of the pioneers of modern abstract art. She started the abstract movement long before major artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian, who are considered to be the ones who started the abstract art movement.

Decorate your home with Hilma af Klint posters

Hilma af Klint's artworks are a perfect match for Danish and Scandinavian interior design style. Her work was both avant-garde and spiritual, and it is precisely this combination of elements that makes her works special. Her art is inspired by nature and spiritual elements, creating a sense of peace and harmony.

The Danish and Scandinavian interior design style is known for its simplicity and minimalism, and Hilma af Klint's abstract and geometric shapes fit perfectly into this style. Her posters are not only beautiful, but also deeply meaningful and enriching. Her artistic vision and mystical elements help create an authentic and unique atmosphere in the home.

Hilma af Klint's color palettes are also an important factor in her artworks. Her posters often use muted, earthy colors that reflect the Scandinavian nature. These colors can help create a calming atmosphere in the home and bring nature indoors.

If you are looking for something special and unique for your interior design, Hilma af Klint's posters are an excellent choice.

Hilma af Klint in the museums

Hilma af Klint has created a long series of beautiful artworks, which were only recognized long after her death, and today she is recognized as one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. Her paintings are, of course, exhibited at major museums such as the Guggenheim in New York (including "The ten largest"), Moderna Museet in Malmö, and Louisiana in Denmark. Many of her paintings can also be bought as posters today.

You can buy Hilma af Klint posters in the size you want

Our use of some of the most modern printing and delivery methods means that we do not need to have a stock. As a result, it is possible for us to offer Hilma af Klint posters in many different sizes.

We offer small pictures in sizes A5 and A4, medium posters in sizes 30x40 cm and A3, and if you are looking for large Hilma af Klint pictures for the wall, you can buy them in sizes 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm.

Buy your posters framed

It is completely up to you whether you want to buy your Hilma af Klint images with or without a frame. Our frames may not be for you, or maybe you want to reuse some old frames. However, we would like to tell you about our offer on framed pictures.

If you want to avoid the hassle of framing the picture yourself and instead relax on the couch while your new posters are delivered, ready to be hung on the wall, you have the option to purchase a beautiful frame for your new Hilma af Klint image. All you have to do is choose a frame on the same page where you choose your poster. Before you choose your new frame, you can try different frames on your favorite poster, and when you have decided, you can put everything in the shopping cart.

If you add a frame to your purchase, you can save up to 30% on the frame compared to the full price, and we even offer free framing.

Learn who you are dealing with

PLAKATfar (POSTERdad) is owned by Niels Kliim and Agnete Lønstrup. We are both architects with a solid background in interior design. If you are looking for tips and ideas, you are more than welcome to contact us.

We are a small online poster shop, and therefore we are not among the cheapest on the market, nor has it ever been our ambition to be so. Instead, we focus on delivering high quality on our products and customer service.

Our posters are of high quality and printed on 230 gr. matte poster paper, which ensures that the posters do not curl in their frames. The matte surface ensures beautiful prints with fresh colors and deep shadows, which is part of our quality standard.


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