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Decor with poster pairs on the walls of the home is popular. At Plakatfar you will find many beautiful, beautiful pictures, posters and posters that fit together as a poster couple. We have put posters together in poster sets, which you can partly be inspired by, and partly buy at a discount. Inspiration for a picture wall, you can get here.

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Poster sets are popular

Among poster buyers, it is very popular to buy multiple posters and posters that fit together in poster sets. Once you have gone in search of new decoration for your walls in the house, it is especially poster sets that are very popular, and therefore we have collected a large number of beautiful and harmonious posters that fit together in poster sets, which we hope will be an inspiration. for your next purchase of wall decoration. Posters and posters are a cheap way to change home decor, much cheaper than buying new furniture and far easier than painting your walls 😁

If you are missing a couple of art posters or posters for the living room or a poster couple for the wall in your bedroom, you will easily find a poster set at Plakatfar, and here on this page you can also find cheap posters we have put together as poster set on offer.


Poster sets are many things

When our customers buy poster sets for the home, they often buy two posters that match each other in size, color, theme or the like, but there are many other options for assembling poster sets, for your kitchen, your hallway, or a completely third room.

Two posters in a poster set do not necessarily have to be the same size. It can easily be a large poster of 50x70 cm, which is put together with a smaller a3 poster. It may also be that the motifs in your poster set need to be contrast-filled, but framed in the same type of frame. Poster pair can be a poster with a motif in colors that hangs next to a black and white poster, or a city poster from New York that hangs next to a nature poster with the quiet tranquility of the forest.

Danish design posters

As we are behind all our posters, from photo to finished design, we can guarantee you poster sets in exclusive personal designs. It is therefore only natural that we have a large selection of Denmark posters, just as you will also find modern posters, with text and graphic posters.

Our style is predominantly minimalist with an emphasis on the muted colors, but of course you can also find colorful posters and posters with us. Our posters with nature are another genre where you can dive into a very large selection. No matter what motifs and images you are looking for, for your poster pairs, we are capable of delivering trendy posters and popular poster sets.

With our background in the Danish design culture, we always end up designing posters with graphic expressions that fit well into a Danish or Nordic interior design. Many choose our poster pair as wall decoration because our colors and motifs fit into their existing home interior. We also believe that you will be able to find poster sets and pictures that can adorn your walls in the home.

Poster pairs in many sizes

At Plakatfar you can buy all poster pairs, posters and pictures in many sizes. So whether you are into poster sets where the motifs are in the same size or in different sizes, you have many options to find poster pairs in just the sizes that fit your home. We deliver almost all our poster pairs right down from the small sizes of 15x21 cm, over the medium-sized a3 posters and all the way up to large posters of 50x70 cm and mega posters 70x100 cm.

Of course, it is important that you choose your poster sets to suit the room they are to hang in or stand in. You can of course, quite consciously, fill one of the living room walls with poster sets and pictures, almost from edge to edge. In general, however, it is most harmonious if you have some air and "free space" around your pictures on the walls. For example, a poster set, with 2-3 posters of 70x100 cm, requires a fairly large space, or a very large wall. Conversely, you can probably fit a poster set in the bathroom if you choose small posters and pictures of 15x21 cm or in A4 size.

Great frames for your poster sets

Whether you choose your new poster set to be in the same frame or different frames, we have beautiful frames that fit our motifs perfectly. You can choose from four frame types, namely the ever-popular oak frame, one of our white or black wooden frames or our black aluminum frame.

All our frames are processed in high quality with a very nice finish, and the wood in the oak frames is FSC certified, which ensures that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. So whether it is small black aluminum frames of 15x21 cm or large oak frames of 70x100 cm, we are capable of delivery.

If you choose to buy our quality frames together with your poster sets, you will not only save up to 43% on the frames, we will also provide you with a free framing and free shipping. It could not be much easier.

Cheap poster set

Of course, you can buy all our posters online in the store, and put them together as you wish, across the board. You can also choose to buy one or more poster sets, of those we have put together here on the site. If you choose to buy our poster pairs, you get them extra cheap. Another way to get a set of cheap posters in our online poster store is to find posters and pictures on offer, which you can find on our Cheap Posters and Posters page.


Poster shop with posters online

There are now a number of poster stores selling posters online. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, but from the beginning we have chosen to focus on original personal photos and motifs, in high quality, spiced with a towering customer service.

All our posters online are printed on 230 degree matte paper. The thick paper ensures that the poster does not start to curl in the frame, and the matte surface ensures that you get a poster or posters in beautiful colors, with deep shadow effects. The wood used for our paper and frames is FSC certified, so we are sure that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. In general, we think about the environment, and reuse packaging, for example, when possible.

Free delivery in Denmark

If you have an address in Denmark, we provide free shipping, regardless of how large your order of poster sets is. The free delivery is a big contributor to not only getting high quality - you get high quality at a cheap price.


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