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Collection: Large Posters 70x100 cm

Posters and pictures of 70x100 cm are very popular. Here you also get a large size poster that can really fill anything on your walls. You can choose to "settle" with 2-3 pieces, or you can build a picture wall around a single giant poster of 70x100 cm. The possibilities are many. We are happy to frame your new poster - and it is actually cheaper than you think ;)

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Large posters of 70x100 cm have over time become one of the most popular sizes. It can be due to many things. One fact is, however, that as more and more online poster stores pop up with posters online, so has the selection, and thus your choices have become bigger and bigger. Of course, there are also fashions and trends in modern interior design that point to the large posters for the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen or one of the other rooms in your home.

Depending on how much wall space you have, 1, 2, 3 or maybe even more large posters of 70x100 cm, may be what you need to make the wall decoration in your living room really come into its own. If you are up to 3, 4 or even more pictures and posters, it is probably an actual picture wall you are working with, and then you can look here for inspiration for composing our posters, no matter what size you are looking for.

Posters of 100x140 cm seem to be the next big trend within pictures for the wall in ordinary homes. If you are already on the wave now, then you can buy the vast majority of our posters in 100x140 cm, which are really large and distinctive posters that will to that extent be an essential part of your home decor. If you want to buy your posters in 100x140 cm, we will ask you to contact us at

Are you looking for giant posters in mega large sizes, then we are also capable of delivery in it. It should also be noted that when we talk about a large poster 70x100 cm, it does not matter if it is a vertical or horizontal poster. The horizontal poster should rightly be called 100 x 70 cm, but for convenience we call it a large poster 70x100.

Decorate with large photo art posters

There are many ways to decorate your walls with posters and pictures. There can be many considerations to take care of. It can be the colors and styles of the rest of the home decor that determine how your new poster

70x100 ends up looking. The bigger you buy your posters, the more effective they can be and the more they occupy the walls and spaces of the home. The motifs on the large posters of 70x100 cm and 100x140 cm really come into their own. In a large picture, the details can stand out clearly, and you can enjoy the posters both up close and at a long distance.

The viewing distance is something you need to be aware of. You may actually end up with an oversized poster. If the space in which the large picture is to hang or stand on the floor is very small and compact, it can be difficult to enjoy the beautiful picture.

It's really only the imagination that sets the limits when it comes to decorating your home with posters. There is the size you have to decide on, and at Plakatfar you can buy all posters in many different sizes, from 15x21 cm to giant posters. There are motifs and colors and finally there are several options for how your posters and posters should be displayed. Should they hang on the wall? should they stand on the floor? or should they be on a picture shelf?


The possibilities are many. We have divided our posters into categories and galleries, which you will find in the menu, so you can more easily find your way around our designs.


Large posters in Danish design

At Plakatfar you easily get a 70x100 poster that fits well with a typical Nordic decor. We can promise you that, as we are behind every single 70x100 poster and picture you can buy online in our poster shop. We work in a typical Danish design universe, with minimalist motifs and, for the most part, in muted delicate colors. This is why we are sure that our posters online fit nicely on the walls of your home. Whether it's like a couple of posters for the living room, a couple of posters


70x100 for the kitchen, or a small 70x100 poster for the bathroom.

We emphasize that many of our motifs and designs are based on New Nordic, which is a style that has sprung from the often tight minimalist design line that Scandinavia has always stood for. In the New Nordic style, it is about bringing nature into the home, through interior design, wall decoration, art, etc .. Our contributions are large posters and pictures often with a poetic and slightly melancholic expression. Motifs you can be engrossed in, and delighted with, well into the future.

Large posters 70 x 100 cm in many variations

Are you looking for a great poster that can fill your wall? It has never been so popular as now to decorate its walls with large posters 70 x 100. At Plakatfar you can buy posters in many different sizes, and just posters 70 x 100 is a size that is repeated by all our posters. If you love great deals, then you should take a look at our gallery of cheap posters. Here you will find, among other things, offers for buying poster pairs.

Whether it's a 70x100 poster or another size poster you are looking for, you will find a large selection at Plakatfar. In our large selection of categories and galleries you will find, among other things:

Large posters with nature motifs

You can dive into our series of nature posters 70x100, where you will find many nature motifs from the Danish fauna, photographed all year round and in all kinds of weather. However, it is not only the Danish nature we like, because you will also find a number of nature pictures from for example, the Norwegian and Australian fauna. Then you are into nature posters, then you have come to the right store. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We have piles of pictures that have not yet been made into posters.

Large Posters with Urban Motifs

If you are more into a city poster of 70x100, then we are also capable of delivering it. In our collection City posters with urban motifs, You can buy Danish and foreign architectural images, city images from New York, images from the beautiful Provence and much more other things. We have a pretty large collection of New York photos that you should take a look at if you love New York.

Large posters with black and white images

Black and white posters have obviously become a big collection with us. When we write, of course, it is because we ourselves photograph the images for all our 70x100 posters, and we photographers have always had a natural preference for the black and white image. Black and white art posters 70x100 cm can do something. It requires a certain space, but if you have it, art posters for the living room can be absolutely perfect.

Large posters with Denmark motifs

Our now very large collection of Danish posters contains motifs from both nature, cities and architecture. We live in a country where the very changing seasons give us, as photographers, rich opportunities to get out and take great pictures. Just as our tradition of educating great design talents allows for the photography of beautiful and impressive buildings.

Large posters with frame

At Plakatfar, we do not just stop by delivering the large posters of 70 x 100 cm and 100x140 cm. With us, you can have all your large posters framed, no matter what size you buy them in. Our large frames come with acrylic that is adapted to the look of glass, so you can not see the difference when the posters hang on the wall.


You can have your large posters framed in white or black aluminum frames, or our very popular wooden frame made of oak. An oak frame in 70x100 cm is in itself super nice, and it fits nicely especially many of our nature pictures. For our large city posters and large posters with "built-in" passpartout ", you can consider a large black aluminum frame. All frames are Italian and made of very high quality.

If you buy your 70x100 poster framed, you save up to 43% on the frame, and you should note that no matter how much or how many large posters 70x100 you buy at once, you get the delivery for free - if you have an address in Denmark.

High quality of everything

When we promise high quality everything, we mean it. In the section above, you can read about our quality frames, but our posters 70 x 100 are of course also in high quality. All posters are printed on 230 gr. Thick poster paper with a delicious matte surface. When you stand with the thick paper in your hand, you have no doubt about the quality. Not only does it feel delicious and solid, the thick paper also ensures that your 70x100 poster does not start to curl in your frames. The matte surfaces reproduce the colors in clear shades and the shadows in deep dark colors, while you do not get glare from the surface.

We place great emphasis on providing a high level of customer service. We strive for all our customers to have a good experience when they choose to shop with us - that is the least we can offer. Fortunately, there are many customers who are happy to shop with us and choose to return several times.


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