farvers betydning for personlighedstyper
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Color symbolism and the meaning of colors

plakater illustrerer farvesymbolik og farvers betydning

Personality types and color meaning

Color symbolism fills a part of our everyday lives, whether we are aware of it or not. We all have some colors we like better than others, and luckily there are so many colors that there is enough for all of us. Whether the meaning of colors is important? It probably depends on the situation. Are you looking for colors for your walls at home, or are you looking for posters and pictures for the wall, then color does not matter. Unless it's something you go up in.

But you know that colors can affect people differently, so you work in some contexts, a lot with color symbolism and the meaning of colors. For example, one works in prisons with colors that have soothing abilities.

By the way, we meet color symbolism and color meaning every day. You have no doubt that red means stop and green means drive or continue. Blue stands for safe, conservative and serious, which is why many large companies and corporations use blue in their logos. Just think of Danske Bank, Novo Nordisk or Facebook.

So, in fact, science underlies the importance of colors when the colors are used in design, decor, and art. There is probably not much science behind when color symbolism is linked to personality types. However, there seems to be some agreement on the assignment of human qualities to the different colors.

Below we have tried to gather the most common perceptions of color meaning by reviewing which colors are associated with a particular personality.

Which color suits me?

Red Color:

Color symbolism and qualities: Adventurous, direct, passionate.

You love excitement and relaxation is not on your agenda. You may have a tendency to be dominant, on the other hand, you yourself are very hardworking, and like to say things straight out. You need to be in control, but occasionally you should probably look a little inward, and be a little more self-reflective.

Calling yourself extroverted is actually an understatement. You are intense and impulsive and with your optimistic mind, you are in the perfect moment. You love being the focal point of the party and you love getting to know new people. You always have the antennas out, and radiate a strong energy, and like to clearly display your feelings. Your intense character is also the cause of your great erotic desire, and so you enjoy being popular.

Orange color:

Color symbolism and qualities: Social, loyal, caring

You are basically a good person. Your social skills are at a very high level, which your friends and family enjoy. You love being with people and socializing with them and making an effort to be accepted and respected. You are energetic and productive, and because of your positive mind, you can easily get others to lend a hand.

You are an indomitable optimist who is always convinced that something good will happen. You love being with other people, and have perfected it, to be present in the now. You are always nice to be around, and therefore, for example, team building is created for you. No matter what life brings, you do not succumb or panic.

Yellow farve:

Color symbolism and qualities: Creative, optimistic, insightful

You are very creative and love to acquire new knowledge that you are very happy to share with others. In your creativity, you like to work from rational logical train of thought. You are an indomitable optimist and always see the glass as half full. Where others may be stopped by indecision, your spontaneity and willingness to take action bring you one step ahead of the others.

People whose personality color is yellow are not typically big party people. You are not the big party monkey, but prefer smaller gatherings where you can engage with everyone else. You are quirky and appreciate the crazy and eccentric sides of others. You forgive easy mistakes, and are a hopeless romantic who has a hard time breaking ties with others. When you open your heart, it is all or nothing.

Green color:

Color symbolism and qualities: Calm, welcoming, loyal

You are relaxed and peaceful and you are known for your positive energies and there is not much that can bring you out of balance. Your life is centered on achieving maximum relaxation and you are happy to invest your time in mindfulness and yoga. Confrontation is not part of your lifestyle. You prefer when problems resolve themselves or require minimal effort on your part. Occasionally you skip where the fence is lowest.

You are loyal and honest to others and you consider your reputation as an important part of your life. You are honest and moral, and easily adapt to local customs. You feel a deep love for your family and you have a special connection to nature. Your favorite activities are often about what Mother Nature has to offer, and then you are naturally environmentally conscious and get involved in societal issues..

Blue color:

Color symbolism and features: Reliable, practical, integrity

Reliability is a key word. You are ready to make sacrifices in your efforts to get ahead in life. You like to work long hours, and pay your bills on time. Your sense of justice is well developed and you are happy to be at the forefront when it comes to keeping order. You love routines and organization is the key to your way of life. You do not cheat and always try to be 100% honest.

You are a bit conservative of mind and always a loyal friend. You value close friends and family. You like to put the needs of others before your own, but if someone tries to take advantage of you, you draw a clear line. You seek peace and inner peace. You do not change your mind so easily - opinions that are often based on your basic values. You have an amazing ability to remember detailed information about others. Others see you as being warm, kind and committed.

Purple color:

Color symbolism and characteristics: Creative, expressive, emotional

Creativity is your dominant element. A creative thinker, reflective, and probably also a little quirky. You are emphatically seeking an inner peace, are sensitive, towards the spiritual, and when you show your feelings, it is always very well thought out. You are very expressive verbally and physically in your work life. You consider life whimsical and you always leave your options open. Philosophy and existential thinking are important to you and you live a culturally rich life.

Someone may well be annoyed by your alternative lifestyle, but you are super reliable. You are a perfectionist who demands emotional security in life, and you are happy to help others in need. You have a good mind and observe things others do not see. It has never interested you to fit in. You definitely have a tinge of vanity, and it's just as certain that you choose to zigzag when everyone else is zagging.

Pink color:

Color symbolism and qualities: Loving, insightful, intuitive

You experience life through your pink glasses. You have an easily accessible and “easy going” energy, and have an ability to think that the good outweighs the bad in most situations. You often throw your unconditional love into many of life's situations, and you have a natural ability to nurture and be nurtured. You are optimistic and you love when others show interest in you and want to help you.

You are entertaining and intelligent and you light up socially, especially in small groups. Your caring and encouraging demeanor is the breeding ground for your long lasting friendships. You sincerely rejoice in the success and happiness of others, especially your friends and family. You are compassionate, and are one of those that people around you use when they need to have a shot of confidence. But you have to remember to remember yourself! You are immediate and live easily in the present.

Black (not a color)

Color symbolism and properties: Powerful, mysterious, provocative

You do not know about fear. You enjoy exciting activities and sometimes live life on the edge. You do not care about others' views on you and make decisions for yourself and yourself alone. You strive for power and control in life, but are often artistic and intuitive and not good at sharing things with others. In return, you know exactly how to share your views, with conviction and authority.

People love mysteries - they want to find out more about you. However, you rarely let anyone find out, seriously, who you are. You are a bit reserved and secretive and a little hard to get close to. You are rarely the one who invites, but get many invitations from your surroundings. You value loneliness, reflection and privacy. You focus on the details and it is important for you to do things right.

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Hej. Jeg har haft stor glæde af disse farvers personlighed og sjovt nok når jeg ser på mine børn svigerbørn og børnebørn hvor meget disse personlighedstræk passer i forhold til deres stjernetegns farver, er det jo helt utroligt. Jeg har fået en ide om at strikke et lille køkkenhåndklæde med deres stjernetegns farver, og deres ynglingsfarve. Men jeg kan se at jeg mangler blandt andet: hvid, brun, turkis, så er der mulighed for at få disse farvers personlighed også ville jeg være meget taknemlig. På forhånd tak, med venlig hilsen.🙏😊

Ingelil Sofia Chanett Goldschmidt

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