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Guide to the many poster sizes and frame sizes

It may be his case to find posters to suit your home and frames for posters that fit together, and if your poster frame is not going to overturn the budget, it can be something of a jungle to figure out. If you want to be well prepared for the next time you are looking for nice pictures for the wall, so read on in our attempt to make it all a little more manageable.

billig egetræsramme fra plakatfar billig billedramme i sort træ billig billedramme i hvid træ

You save 10% on our framework



Overview of frame sizes and poster sizes

As written in the introduction, posters are printed in a sea of different sizes. You can definitely get a frame for all sizes of posters, it is just not certain that those who sell cheap frames have chosen to carry the goal you just stand and need. Now the frame is often a little bigger than the poster that is to be in it. We still call the frame size it, poster size that fits it. Even if it is not completely true, it is very smart. 


billede der viser små og medium rammestørrelser på en vægPopular small frames and medium frame sizes
billede der viser store og mega rammestørrelser på en væg
Popular large frames and mega frame sizes


Here are some of the most used rectangular poster sizes and frame sizes in Denmark are:

  • 13x18 cm. It's basically a slightly enlarged snapshot photo format. In the "old" days, it was a huge photo. Frames 13x18 are easy to find.
    Small pictures of 13x18 cm are a perfect size, for pictures that, for example, have to be on a desk or a picture shelf. Of course, it is also a good size for rooms with a little wall space, such as a toilet or bathroom.

  • 15x21 cm. It is one of the smallest A formats, namely A5. The exact size of the A5 is 14.8x21 cm. Frames 15x21 cm are easy to find.
    Pictures in A5 sizes are very small and therefore well suited as pictures, for a picture shelf, and as pictures to stand on a chest of drawers or a desk. Pictures of 15x21 cm can also be a nice size for bathrooms and toilets, where the wall space may not be so large. See our small pictures and posters of 15x21 cm here.

  • 21x30 cm. The most used A format, which is A4. It is the format for the vast majority of writing pads and binders. The exact size is 21x29.7 cm.
    Images in A4 size are best described as a picture, or a very small poster. It is probably the largest picture size that is suitable for picture shelves and for placing on tables, in shelves, etc .. In smaller rooms, a single or several pictures of 21x30 cm can easily fill a wall. The A4 size can also be good as a picture size in a picture wall. See our posters and pictures in A4 size here.

  • 30x40 cm. A widely used format for small posters, which in format does not really correspond to any of the other standard dimensions. Frames 30x40 are easy to find.
    The popular poster size of 30x40 cm, has a size that in smaller spaces, can seem large. In an ordinary bathroom, a picture of 30x40 cm can easily fill the space. While it may require a few posters in 30x40 cm to fill out a smaller living room wall. See our posters of 30x40 cm here.

  • A3 frame, which is 29.7x42.0 cm. Again a widely used A format. Has in recent years become easier and easier to find cheap frameworks for.
    Posters in A3 size, are again in the smaller poster size, adjacent to an image. It is perfect for smaller walls just as the size is easy to fit into a picture wall or poster wall. A3 is close to the poster size 30x40 cm, but has a slightly higher and thus slimmer appearance. You can always find space for an A3 poster. See our posters and pictures in A3 size here.

  • A3 +, which is 32.9x48.3 cm. It is an American target that has probably become most popular because it can be printed on home printers. The frames are expensive.

  • 40x50 cm framework. A frame 40x50 cm. is very popular, and can be purchased in many "cheap" stores. The format is in a family with frames 30x40 cm.

  • A2 frame, A2 dimensions are 42.0x59.4 cm., And again part of the A format family. A2 frames are not yet so common, so here you have to look around a bit.

  • 50x70 cm. Another one of the popular poster formats. The format is also called B2, and is almost similar to the A formats. Frames in 50x70 are super easy to find.
    Here you move up to a size that will surely be able to fill up the walls, in a normal home. In a room with approx. 2.5 meters to the ceiling, which is a very normal size for homes in Denmark, the poster format 50x70 cm fits in really well. With a single poster, or a few pictures for the wall of 50x70 cm, you have absolutely sure wall decoration that will attract attention. See our posters of 50x70 cm here.

  • A1 frame, which is 59.4x84.1 cm. For some reason, the A1 frames, over time, have become a little hard to find. So a little investigative work is needed here.

  • 61x91 cm. A slightly skewed size for posters, but you can find the frames cheaply, as for example Ikea sells frames of that size.

  • 70x100 cm. An increasingly popular poster target. Large and beautiful format as posters for the living room. Frames 70x100 cm are a bit expensive, but easy to find.
    Large posters of 70x100 cm are actually very large posters. You need to make sure you have enough wall space - maybe even pull out a tape measure and measure so you are safe. If you have the space, there is no doubt that with the size 70x100 cm, you will get a poster or a picture that will be perceived as part of your interior design. See our large posters of 70x100 cm here.

  • 100x140 cm. Huge frames for giant posters. A frame size that is gaining ground in the market. The frame can still be a little hard to find.
    It goes without saying that giant posters of 100x140 cm are gigantic in size and are therefore most suitable in, for example, foyers and large meeting rooms and corridors. That said, you might want to consider having a single 100x140cm poster standing on the floor in your living room or bedroom. Placed in the right place, a giant poster can be a great experience.

sort hvide plakater der hænger på en væg i stuen

Sizes of Ikea frames, frames from Harald Nyborg, Bilka frames and more.

If I now use Ikea as an example, then they have chosen to carry frames in the following dimensions: 13x18 cm 21x30 cm, which corresponds to the A4 size (21.0x29.7 cm) 30x40 cm 40x50 cm 50x70 cm 61x91 cm and finally an Ikea frame 70x100 cm.

You can thus not find an a3 frame in Ikea, just as you can not find an a2 frame in Ikea or an a1 frame in Ikea. On the other hand, they have made it so smart that in a picture frame Ikea delivers, be it poster frames, photo frames or shift frames, a piece of passport paper is included - it is white with a cut-out square - that fits the size smaller than the frame itself. That is, if you buy a 40x50 cm frame, then the passpartout fits 30x40 cm, and so on.

To make the confusion a little bigger, a store like Harald Nyborg has frames in 50x60 cm and 60x80 cm. Frames from Føtex and Bilka frames are very popular. Føtex and Bilka, which are the same chain and therefore have the same selection, also have Føtex and Bilka frames in 60x80 cm and they have then supplemented with the sizes 28x35 cm and 20x30 cm. So there are many opportunities to find exactly what you need, but sometimes you can lose track.

If you are looking for an a2 frame, then of course there are several places that can be done, but a Bilka frame is a bid, and or you can buy an a2 frame from Plakatfar, then you get an a2 frame in very high quality, including free delivery.

And yet ..

You can, as written, always find a frame that fits, but sometimes you either have to continue in your search for a store that has frames in the right dimensions, and they can sometimes be a bit more expensive, or you need to be creative with paper and hobby knife, and even cut a passpartout that fits your poster and the frame you would like.


Are picture frames and poster frames the same?

The short answer is yes. Whether you are looking for picture frames, poster frames, shift frames or photo frames, all the frames you find can be used for all types of pictures. As long as the image is on paper, photo paper or similar flat material. It is solely your own eye that decides whether a frame is best suited for one or the other type of image.

All frames you can buy loosely for mounting pictures, posters and posters are shift frames. It is therefore smart to make sure that there are good solid brackets for dismantling and subsequently holding the back plate in the frame. The back plate is the one that holds the picture or poster flat in the frame. Therefore, it is important that it is maintained in a solid way.

The vast majority of frames have brackets for hanging on the wall. Some small frames instead have a "support leg" that can be folded out so that the frame can stand on a table, chest of drawers or the like. The brackets for suspension can be of varying quality, so you can advantageously ensure that they are solid and well mounted on the back of the frame.


solidt låsebeslag på bagsiden af en skifteramme
Solid locking brackets on the back of the frame from Plakatfar
solidt ophængningsbeslag på bagsiden af en billedramme
Solidly mounted suspension bracket on the back of our frames


Where do you get the best cheap frames?

Posters can be purchased in a sea of different sizes, and if you are not aware, you may end up having to invest in an expensive frame for your newly purchased poster because your poster size is in a special size.

Picture frames, poster frames, shift frames - dear child has many names. In addition to the fact that the quality is different from expensive and cheap frames, it is very important if you can buy exactly the size you need in stores like Ikea, Flying Tiger, Jysk, Føtex and Bilka (they actually have quite a few different) etc .. It also has an impact on the price whether you prefer glass over plexiglass, which many frames are made with today. There is also a big difference in the designs the stores charge. Frames Harald Nyborg is only available in glossy aluminum. 

Ikea is definitely a place you can get some of the cheapest frames on the market. Within Ikea, however, there is also a big difference in quality, which ranges from the very cheap, where it is so-so with the finish to the slightly more expensive, where I thought you, for the price, get a frame you can be familiar with. However, you should be aware that there are a few of the most popular frame sizes that Ikea does not sell. An a2 frame from Ikea, for example, does not exist, just as an a3 frame Ikea does not have either.

Other examples of stores with cheap frames are Flying Tiger, where the selection is very limited and the quality at the unambitious end (they have, however, like any of the few A3) and if you are into shiny aluminum frames, then Harald Nyborg frames are just the thing. They frame Harald Nyborg retailer, available in a good selection of sizes, so here you can probably find a frame for your poster size.

Picture frames Føtex and Bilka frames are actually available in a fairly large selection in sizes. Probably only one or two designs shown, but they are available in several colors. Their prices may not match the prices of Ikea frames, but there are relatively frequent deals and then they start to get interesting.

What frame types does Poster Dad offer

natur plakater til stuen der hænger over en sofa

We have chosen to focus on five different frameworks. We offer the ever-popular wooden frame of oak, two wooden frames in black and white, respectively, and beyond that black and white narrow aluminum frames. All five frame types can be purchased as small frames and large frames.

Our oak frames are made with a nice finish that makes the beautiful dark oak appear with a beautiful reddish sound, and the oak is processed in detail, so that the hard wood appears smooth and soft on the surface. Oak frame stands stand up really well to many of our posters.

Our wooden frames are really nice, and just fit perfectly with a Nordic interior design. They are narrow, of course not as narrow as our aluminum frames, but the narrow edge means that the frames never have time to take power from the picture.

Our metal frames, which are white and black aluminum frames, respectively, appear super elegant with the beautiful and beautifully processed narrow aluminum profiles. The aluminum frames fit our series perfectly black and white posters. Of course, aluminum frames also fit ours posters with more bang on the colors.

Here at Plakatfar you can buy yours cheap posters framed, and if you do, you save 30-43% on the frames. Poster's frames are of very high quality in materials and collections, just as the front is made of glass, even on the large frames of 50x70 cm, which is often not the case in the "cheap" shops. The very large frames of 70x100 cm and our giant frames are with acrylic, which is adapted to the look of the frames with glass. Of course, you can also buy the frames in "loose weight".

Of course, all our frameworks also fit all of ours pictures for the living room ;)

billig egetræsramme fra plakatfar billig billedramme i sort alu billig billedramme i hvid alu

You save 10% on our framework

What frame sizes does Plakatfar offer?

At Plakatfar you have two options for buying frames. You can buy your frames in connection with the purchase of posters, or you can buy the frames separately.

If you buy the frames together with a poster, you save between 30 and 43%:

  • 15x21, For joint purchase DKK 99 - save 37%
  • A4, For joint purchases DKK 119 - save 35%
  • 30x40by co-purchase DKK 129 - save 43%
  • A3by co-purchase 139 kr.  - save 41%
  • 50x70by co-purchase DKK 199 - save 42%
  • 70x100by co-purchase DKK 389 - save 30%

In addition, we maintain the following framework:

  • Frames 40x50 cm
  • Large A2 frames
  • Mega frames in 100x140 cm.

Of course, if you want to buy frames without posters, this is also an option. You can find the framework here.

ramme typer der kan købes hos plakatfar

And now remember that the frame does not always have to fit exactly to your poster. There are many options for alternative ways to place your posters in frames - and also without frames. Now you are well equipped for the next time you have to shop for posters, so you do not end up having found a delicious new poster on offer, and subsequently have to go out and pay double for the frame to get the poster up on the wall. Whether you end up with Ikea picture frames or Bilka frames. Or you end up with the frames Harald Nyborg retailer or maybe a frame from Plakatfar is not so important. The most important thing is that you find a frame that suits you. Have a good hunt.

What is the difference between glass and plexiglass in picture frames?

You may not have thought about it, but there are two types of fronts that frame manufacturers use. There is glass and there is plexiglass, or acrylic as it is also called.

Immediately you can not see the difference between the two, but in the long run you might. Acrylic may have a slight tendency to absorb a little more dust than glass has. If you need to dust off your acrylic front, then a good tip is to use a vacuum cleaner, as wiping the dust, with a cloth, can cause tiny scratches on the surface.

It seems that the manufacturers agree that glass is best as they almost all use glass in their smaller frame sizes. When they reach around the sizes 50x70 cm and upwards, more and more people use plexiglass, this probably because it has some great advantages in terms of transport.

At Plakatfar, all our frames are up to 70x100 cm with glass, as we believe it is the best frame front you can get. When shipping, the frames are packed in a specially developed packaging, which means that even the large frames arrive safely to you. Our 70x100 cm and 100x140 cm frames are with plexiglass, which is due to the fact that it is very difficult to transport frames, with glass of that size, without it breaking.

Price comparison of frames

We have collected prices from a number of stores that sell frames, so you can sit back and see if it is Ikea picture frames that you need to get hold of, where you will find the best offer for an a2 frame or an a3 frame , and where you will find the cheapest frames in general. You can see the price comparison here.

Plakatfar does not enter into any kind of collaboration with the companies mentioned in the article, and does not sell Ikea frames, Bilka frames or frames from Harald Nyborg.



Save up to 43% on your frames and get free framing 


tilbud på billedrammer og plakater


Wouldn't it be great to SAVE up to 43% on your frame, and avoid the hassle of framing yourself?

You can now at Plakatfar. We give up to 43% discount on your new frames - depending on the size - if you buy posters and frames together. You even get free framing, and on top of that there is free shipping. It does not get much better.

Look in the table below and see how much you can save on the different frame sizes.


prisliste for samlet køb af rammer og plakater


That sounds like the posters to me




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Hej Tina.
Beklager det sene svar, men dit spørgsmål havde desværre forputtet sig 😞
Det nærmeste du kommer, med vores rammer, er den på 70×100 cm, og så kræver det næsten noget passepartout for at få det til at se ordentligt ud. Det hjælper dig naturligvis ikke så meget lige her og nu, men passepartout er noget vi kommer til at tilbyde i løbet af 2023.

Med venlig hilsen – Niels Kliim – PLAKATfar


Hvilken ramme skal jeg bruge til et billede 40 × 85 cm

Tina Haagh

Hej, hvad er pris på megaramme 100 × 140 ?

Helle Brønnum

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