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Collection: Black and White Posters

Black and white posters printed on deliciously strong poster paper. 230 gr. May not tell you much, but when you stand with a poster in your hand, you are in no doubt about the quality. With such heavy paper, your posters do not curl in the frames. The gray shades and the deep shadows really come into their own on the beautiful matte surface. The paper comes from sustainable forestry and we naturally print with lightfast inks, so you can enjoy your black and white posters for many years.

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Black and white pictures or black and white posters are the decadent and in their own eyes exclusive posters in the class. A bit like some artsi fartsi bladder robber who lives on his reputation as a decadent artist type. If you can live with the black-and-white image a little too high thoughts about itself, then you get a friend for life that fits into pretty much all contexts. It's perfect for indoor activities and when you just have a few friends over who you want to impress.

Black and white posters, posters and black and white pictures as wall decoration are always modern. Are we talking beautiful pictures and posters for the home, is photo art in gray tones easily fit into modern Nordic decor, just like modern pictures and graphic black and white posters, often go well in terms of design with the colors and other art you have in your home decor. Black and white posters with beautiful and evocative nature images are an evergreen.

Black and white posters and posters for all walls

They hang everywhere, the black and white posters. No matter where you are, there is almost always a black and white poster hanging. It seems that black and white posters are a "must have". Maybe the safe choice when it comes to choosing posters, and there are probably a few reasons for that. The black and white images are really easy to decorate with. When you buy posters for the living room or pictures for the wall at all, the choice often falls on a black and white poster or more. The black and white posters and posters are a style that contains motifs and images from many of the other styles. These are, for example, city posters, black and white nature posters and mindfulness posters. This makes the black and white pictures easy to place alone as a wall decoration, or together with other posters in a picture wall. Finally, black and white photography was invented, many decades before color photography. Maybe that's why a black-and-white poster contains both history and nostalgia.

If you are looking for a decidedly black image, of course we have it too. Just like you will also find quite a few white pictures. A black image and a white image are basically a black and white image. However, with predominance of black or white shades.

 Sample white image
Sample white image
 example of a black image
Example of a black image

Is it easy to decorate with black and white pictures and posters?

Black and white posters, posters or prints have great advantages when we talk modern decor. And we love to talk about that. Especially Nordic interior design, which must be said to be our core area. No matter what type you are when decorating your home, you can always find a black and white poster that suits your personal expression. Maybe you are the minimalist new nordic type who loves the simple furniture, where wood is the preferred material. You probably choose large posters for the living room that can really come into their own. Maybe you are the caveman type who decorates your home with many things and trinkets around you. Then you probably thought that a picture wall with many small black and white pictures is preferable. Rather than the big pictures and posters. Or maybe you are super fond of colors and have decorated your living room with furniture in vibrant color patterns. Whether you are one or the other type, we Danes almost always decorate ourselves with an element of Nordic style. A style where the black and white posters fit in perfectly.

Black and white posters and posters do not shout loudly, and can therefore easily be hung as pictures to the wall in your otherwise colorful living room. Small black and white posters and prints fit perfectly into any picture wall. Here you can advantageously mix black and white pictures with color pictures. With our many motifs within the black and white posters and posters, it is easy to find a nature motif for your decor in a new Nordic style.

Would you like help and inspiration in choosing the right black and white poster. Then we have created a page exclusively with tips and tools that can help you along the way. You are always welcome to contact us at . Then we will be happy to guide you in your purchase.

Home decor with black and white posters

A black and white poster or poster can be used in any room. Are you decorating your home with posters? Or is it something bigger, like a café a school or an office. Then you never go wrong in the city with the black and white motifs. They will always subordinate and adapt to the other colors and decor of the room.


We will postulate that it is easy to decorate with black and white pictures for the wall. However, there are of course things you should consider when choosing motifs. Is it a room for children or young people you are in the process of decorating? Then you can consider choosing from the series of animal posters or the series of New York posters. Depending on the age and style of the young person. Are you in the process of decorating rooms where there are many different ages and types? Then modern pictures, graphic posters or posters with Denmark's nature may be obvious. If you are in the process of making home decor in your own living room, then you probably know best what you like.

In addition to choosing different motifs, you obviously have many other options for creating an exciting interior with your photos and posters. Are you in the process of choosing pictures for the wall because you want to make a picture wall with small posters? Or is it more for two to three large posters hanging side by side on your wall in the living room? Then it is inspiring to mix color images with the black and white motifs. If you want to work with colors, you can take advantage of the colors of your furniture.

 six black and white posters hanging on a wall above a sofa
Posters in mat frame
black and white picture wall hanging over a dresser
Black and white posters picture wall

Taking photos for black and white posters

We photograph all the images that end up being posters in our online poster shop. We take the pictures on our travels around the world. We love city breaks with cafe visits, and dinners out in the city. We also love strenuous hiking trips in the sometimes challenging nature. That's why you will find many different motifs in our collection of black and white posters and posters. They range from nature posters to animal posters, you can even choose a city poster. In the collection you will find, for example, black and white images of trees and forests. Or famous buildings and ordinary architecture, animals such as horses, cats and sheep, and finally a licorice pipe has also crept in.

We take thousands of photos, and very few pass our quality control. These are the ones that end up as black and white pictures or posters. In return, there is always a story behind every single black-and-white photograph that ends up as a poster. We hope you enjoy the beauty and poetry we try to convey in our black and white images.

Graphic black and white photo art posters

Black and white posters, or black and white posters, are in fact images in shades of gray. Black is the darkest shade and white the lightest shade in the gray scale. Between black and white there is an infinite range of gray tones, or shades if you will. You will often find that black-and-white images, to a much greater degree than color images, are defined by the dark and light areas. Shadows play a much bigger role here in drawing the motifs of the images.

Black and white images are very expressive in their moods. Therefore, the black-and-white portrait image is still widely used for art posters. It lets the viewer compose poems on the picture in the frame. Large posters in black and white are very trendy. With us you can buy up to size 100x140 cm.

Buy your black and white poster or poster to fit your home decor

 black white picture wall in a living room

At Plakatfar we would like to give you the opportunity to buy your black and white posters so that they fit exactly to your decor. We do not have a large stock of black and white posters lying around. We only print your posters when you order them. It has no bearing on delivery time, as we work with a state-of-the-art printing company. They do nothing else and are therefore great for that particular part.

We therefore offer all our posters in the two best-selling sizes. It is the large posters of 50x70 cm and the equally large posters 70x100 cm., Which fit perfectly in the living room above the sofa, or in the bedroom above the bed. In fact, we also supply mega large posters of 100x140 cm. If you want huge posters, please write to us.

Buy black or white image from our large selection. It is easy to order, and we provide good service and free shipping in Denmark.

We provide black and white images in the following sizes:

  • Small black and white posters 15x21 cm
  • Small black and white poster A4 (21.0x29.7 cm)
  • Medium-sized black and white poster 30x40 cm
  • Medium-sized black and white posters A3 (29.7x42.0cm)
  • Large black and white images 50x70 cm
  • Large black and white images 70x100 cm

With the many poster sizes we supply, you can definitely buy your black and white posters, pictures or posters in a size that fits right into the decor you want.

Get your new beautiful black and white poster framed?

 same black and white image in three different frames
same subject in three different frames


Of course you can. It is not enough that we offer you posters in many sizes. We also offer you framing of your new posters in nice and cheap picture frames. If you buy a frame with your poster, you will not only avoid the hassle of having to frame it yourself. You also save up to 43% on the price of the frames. That's a great deal.

We have chosen to offer four different frames that we thought fit well with our poster motifs and designs. You can always choose the popular oak frame, which are made of FSC certified oak. So you can have a good conscience when you know that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. The finish is top notch. This means sharp edges, accurate joints and a silky soft surface on the delicious wood. The color is of course the beautiful dark brown sound. Our wooden wooden frames fit perfectly into a Nordic decor.

If you are more into narrow metal frames, we offer a black aluminum frame. We even thought that our black frame in aluminum fits nicely with our black and white posters, posters and pictures. The narrow design of the black frames encloses our black and white motifs for a beautiful and elegant whole. Our black aluminum frames are designed in a typical Nordic style. They give an exclusive look and fit well with a Scandinavian decor.


You can also choose a black or white wooden frame. As is the case with our wooden frame in oak, the black and white wooden frames are produced with FSC certified wood. It's good for the environment.

Who's Behind Poster Dad's posters online?

Behind the online poster shop are Agnete Lønstrup and Niels Kliim. We are both trained architects and therefore work professionally with housing and interior design. Should you want some advice and guidance. Then write to us at

From the beginning, we have chosen to focus on high quality in our products, and high quality in our customer service. It has proven to be a good decision. At least if we listen to what our customers say.

In our online store you do not just buy a poster. If you need it, you will be guided all the way in your purchase. From your choices of posters to your choices of frames. Once you have decided on pictures and motifs, we will send your order to our printing company. Then print your posters on 230 gr. Delicious thick poster paper, with a silky matt surface. The thick paper ensures that your posters do not begin to curl in the frame. The matte surface ensures clear contrasts in the gray tones and shadows of the images. If you choose to order your posters including frames, we will frame your posters for free.

It can sound very cumbersome. But it does not take long from the time your order is placed until your new posters are printed and framed, until they leave for your address. We deliver within 2-5 working days. Our very modern delivery method means that we do not have to hold a huge warehouse. That is why we can offer our modern posters and beautiful pictures and posters in many sizes. If you need black and white posters in sizes other than those you can immediately buy from posters online, write to us. We have 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Facebook


If you love cheap posters, you will always find one of our posters on offer. You can find the cheap posters all around, on the individual pages. You can also choose to look in our offer posters. Here are all the cheap posters.




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