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Collection: Claude Monet Art Posters

Welcome to PLAKATfar, where our Claude Monet posters will make your walls look so good that even your neighbor's cat will be envious. Our posters are not only a beautiful decoration, they are also a quality-conscious choice that will last long - unlike the cheap kitchen stool that only lasted two weeks before falling apart.

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Claude Monet

As one of the founders of French Impressionism, Oscar-Claude Monet (1840-1926) broke free from the convention of copying old masters. Monet's impressionist art depicted his direct observation of nature and emphasis on changes in light according to different times and seasons.

Monet's the story

Monet grew up in Le Havre, Normandy, and became interested in outdoor life and drawing from an early age. Although his mother, Louise-Justine Aubrée Monet, supported his ambitions to become a painter, his father, Claude-Adolphe, was dismissive and wanted him to pursue a career in business. He was very close to his mother, but she died in January 1857 when he was sixteen years old, and he was sent to live with his childless, wealthy aunt, Marie-Jeanne Lecadre. He continued to study at the Académie Suisse and under the academic history painter Charles Gleyre, where he was classmates with Auguste Renoir. His early works included landscapes, seascapes, and portraits, but attracted little attention. An important early influence was Eugène Boudin, who introduced him to the concept of "plein air painting". From 1883, Monet lived in Giverny, also in northern France, where he bought a house and property and began a large landscape project, including a water lily pond.

Claude Monet as a documentarian

His ambition to document the French landscape led him to a method of painting the same scene many times to capture the changing light and seasons. Among the most well-known examples are his series of haystacks (1890-91), paintings of Rouen Cathedral (1894), and the paintings of water lilies in his garden in Giverny, which occupied him continuously during the last 20 years of his life.

His fame and popularity, often exhibited and successful during his lifetime, rose in the second half of the 20th century as he became one of the world's most famous painters and an inspiration to emerging groups of artists.

Monet's posters are perfect for the Scandinavian interior style

Decorating with Claude Monet posters is a fantastic way to add an elegant touch to your Scandinavian home decor. With their natural beauty and soft colors, Monet's paintings fit perfectly into a stylish and minimalist decor.

At PLAKATfar, we have carefully selected a range of Monet's most iconic paintings that will give your home a classic and sophisticated look. Hang one of our posters in your living room, bedroom or office to add a touch of art and style.

Our posters are easy to fit into any Scandinavian home decor style. You can easily switch between our different designs and colors depending on the season, mood or style. And with our quality-conscious posters, you will have a durable and beautiful decoration on your walls for many years to come.

So why wait? Give your Scandinavian home decor a touch of elegance with a Claude Monet poster from PLAKATfar.

Choose the perfect size for your Monet art

We understand that size matters when it comes to choosing the perfect poster for your home. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of sizes for our collection of Monet posters. From small posters at 15x21 cm and A4 size, which are perfect for your desk or a small corner in your home, to medium-sized posters at A3, which are perfect for a gallery wall or to hang alone as a prominent decoration.

Are you looking for a larger statement? Then check out our large posters at 50x70 cm and giant posters at 70x100 cm. The large posters will fill any wall with style and personality.

We have a large collection of posters and pictures, with artworks created by many other great artists. We have collected them in our gallery "Art Posters".

Get your new Claude Monet posters delivered framed

At PLAKATfar, we know that our customers are interested in home decor and understand that quality comes at a cost. Therefore, we offer a convenient solution for those who do not want to bother with framing their new Monet poster themselves.

When you buy a Claude Monet poster from us, you can choose to purchase a luxurious frame with it. We even offer a large discount on the frame and provide free framing when you buy the frame along with the poster. This way, you don't have to search for a suitable frame and can instead enjoy your new decoration right away.

We offer 5 different frames for our Monet posters. The popular oak frame, made of solid oak and with super sleek profiles. The white or black wooden frame, both beautifully designed and perfect for your new Claude Monet posters. And finally, the super slim and elegant black aluminum frames and "brass" aluminum frames. No matter which frame you choose, you get a solid and beautiful frame with simple, tight profiles and well-executed solid joints. All our frames are of course of the type that allows for easy replacement of the poster, so you can reuse them again and again.

So skip the hassle of framing and enjoy your Monet poster in a luxurious frame from PLAKATfar.

We only deliver the best in quality

If you're picky when it comes to quality, you can rely on us. We don't compromise on either products or customer service. Our graphic posters are printed on 230 g poster paper with a fantastic matte surface that provides a beautiful and lifelike print with clear colors and depth in the shading. The thickness of the paper may seem irrelevant, but once you hold it in your hand, you'll experience the quality and know that your poster will stay beautiful for a long time.

Our dedication to customer service is top-notch, and it's not just because it's necessary. We have a genuine passion for making our customers satisfied and happy. We believe that the best transaction is one where both parties are happy. And it seems like our customers agree with our approach to good service.


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