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"Plakatfar (Poster dad) is more than a poster shop. It's our dream of freedom - freedom to do what we want, whenever we want. "

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Like most of our customers, we love to travel, and when we travel, we always have our cameras with us. Whether it is nature or the city jungle we explore, there are always exciting motifs for our posters.

Agnete and Niels are two ordinary people, both trained architects who have always traveled a lot. Niels has for years taken pictures, which he sells to news media, advertising companies and so on. At some point, we become aware that a German company is buying our pictures and printing them as posters. There's nothing wrong with that, but it turns on the idea of ​​even starting to sell our pictures as posters.

As I said so done, and in 2008 Plakatfar will open as an online store. In the beginning with a small selection, of both in motifs and sizes. Since then, we have grown bigger. We have found good partners, and can therefore now offer many motifs in many sizes, which we can even deliver in a delicious setting.

You can safely shop with Poster Dad

It must be safe to shop at Plakatfar, and therefore all customers are treated equally. Whether you need a small picture for DKK 129, or decorate a workplace with 50 large posters, you get the same service. We are just as happy to advise the small customer as the big one, and all orders are followed to the door. This also applies when an order, on rare occasions, is delivered with errors. We always find a solution.

It must also be safe to transfer its money to us. We know that, many customers have in mind, and so must it. We hope we manage to appear serious and without malicious intent. Among other things, you will not find negative publicity for our store, anywhere on the Internet, and that is something we cherish.

We do not have many reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot, because at Plakatfar you are never asked to give us a review. We do not believe that we need praise and 5 stars for delivering what you have bought and paid for. But if you have had a good experience and would like to share it with others, then you should know that we are both proud and honored.

You can see our 5/5 > ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Facebook here and you can see reviews from Trustpilot below.

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Really good customer service, responds quickly 😊


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Super service. Beautiful pictures and frame. Fast delivery. Would love to shop with you again👍👍👍


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Poster Dad has the best looking posters and the best service.


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