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Welcome to Plakatfar's category Photo Art. Professional photographs are gaining more and more ground as an important part of Nordic interior design. Maybe because photo posters with photo art add a more personal and vibrant look to your walls. Photographs can capture the surroundings in a particularly intense way, and this is probably one of the reasons why photographic art has been one of the most widespread art forms for years.

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If you are looking for photo art posters for your walls that are very popular right now, then we have a large and nice selection. You can buy black and white photo art and photo art with nature, mostly in New Nordic style, which stands for minimalism and muted colors. It is also in this series that you can find new abstract posters for your living room , just as posters with colors have also found their way into the photo art series.

What are photo art posters?

Photo art motifs on pictures and posters can be a broad concept, for when are posters photo art? Although art is a broad concept, we still often agree when we see something that is art. At Plakatfar, we consider our images as photo art and art posters when the motifs and compositions, either have an abstract expression, a greater depth, a lighting beyond the usual or something else. For us, it is a subjective assessment of whether a poster is a photo art poster. In any case, on this page you will find our offer of photo art posters and posters, and then you can see if you agree.

All our designs are our own designs. All images are based on your own photos and own designs, and therefore we guarantee you personalized posters that cannot be purchased elsewhere. If you are therefore looking for something a little special, then Plakatfar's online poster shop might be a good offer.


Home decor with photo art posters?

Today, it is quite normal to decorate with pictures for the wall, and basically it may not be so crucial if it is photo art that adorns your posters for the home. The most important thing, of course, is that you choose the beautiful pictures and motifs you like best, for example as posters for the living room. For many, pictures and wall decoration are an important part of the living room interior. A big advantage of decorating with posters and other wall decorations is that it is much cheaper than replacing the rest of the home's home interior.

As we are behind every single motif on our photo art, you can be sure that in our online store, you buy graphic posters in Danish design. Our design style is predominantly New Nordic, which is a design and art direction where Scandinavian nature plays a major role. In the case of our modern posters, it is therefore obvious that it is our nature posters that are given high weight.

You will find that our modern photo art posters are largely characterized by minimalist motifs and muted colors, although of course you can also find colorful posters and posters in the store's large selection. Therefore, our photo motifs often fit well into a Nordic interior, which is often the trend many of us Danes interior design follow.

With our background as architects, it is only natural that we are inspired by Danish design, which is famous far beyond the country's borders. In Denmark and throughout Scandinavia, we are happy with the understated design, with a tight design language. Some find it boring - others find it cool and inspiring.

In Denmark, as in the rest of the world, we pay a lot of attention to interior design and interior design. There is a sea of ​​home shops and a sea of ​​magazines and magazines, with inspiration for new home decor. But new interior design can be an expensive affair, and it is his business to discard expensive furniture in order to buy new ones. Therefore, art posters and beautiful pictures or other wall decoration can be your solution in a cheaper way to upgrade your home's interior design. We are sure that in our poster shop you can find a photo art poster or a photo artwork that will fit in the style of your other home interior.

We offer a large selection of art posters

In our online poster shop you can choose images and motifs from a very large selection. Right now you are on our photo art page, but we would encourage you to click around the page and see what else we offer in images with city motifs , graphic posters with black and white images or beautiful images of the Danish and Nordic nature.

In addition to being capable of delivering many different images and motifs, we have also prioritized being able to deliver your photo art poster in many different sizes. It seemed we give you, as a customer, the greatest flexibility to be able to choose exactly the size that suits you best, whether it is large photo art posters and posters for the bedroom or small posters and posters for the bathroom.

You can buy all our pictures as large posters of 70x100 and 50x70 cm, just like all can be purchased as A3 posters. The vast majority of pictures and posters can also be purchased as small posters 15x21 cm and A4 posters. The reason why you can not order all our posters in small poster sizes is that the motifs are not suitable to be reproduced in small sizes. If you need to use your wall decoration in other sizes than you can immediately order on the product pages, then you must finally contact us. For example, we can supply all our photo art motifs as framed giant posters of 100x140 cm, and we can also supply much larger images, printed on canvas.

Buy your new photo art poster including framing

We do not have that many products in our range in our online items store. You can buy posters and you can buy picture frames. In return, we deliver in high quality. If you buy poster frames and posters with photo art together, you not only save up to 45% on your new frames, we also provide framing for free - and then there is also free shipping.

We have chosen three different frames, which we thought fit perfectly with our posters in Danish design. You can choose the always popular oak frame which is made in solid oak and with very high quality in the details, or you can choose metal frames. We have white and black aluminum frames , respectively, designed and manufactured with beautiful slim aluminum profiles that form a beautiful and exclusive edge around our posters. All are super sharp frames that will also fit nicely into your home decor.

All our frames with glass front are also a large oak frame 70x100 cm. Often the large picture frames with an acrylic front, and while it may be a matter of taste and pleasure, which type you like best, acrylic tends to attract dust.

We deliver only high quality

When you choose to shop with Plakatfar, you are guaranteed high quality, all the way from order to finished delivery. We have chosen not to compromise on quality. this means that all our photo art posters are printed on 230 gr. delicious thick quality poster paper. The thick paper ensures that your new photo art posters and posters do not start to curl while hanging in frames on the wall, while the matte surface ensures beautiful images in clear colors and depth in shadows and highlights. A photo art poster from Plakatfar, you will enjoy for many years.

It is not only in our products that you are guaranteed high quality. We also provide high quality in our customer service and we thought the best deal is when both parties are satisfied. With us, you are not just another customer, and you can see that on our Facebook, where we have achieved 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . If you are not completely convinced, you can see more customer testimonials here .

Remember that there is always free delivery to addresses in Denmark, no matter how much you buy at a time.



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