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Make your own picture wall

billedvæg med forskellige natur plakater og billeder

1. Get expert tips for your picture wall or poster wall
2. How many pictures do I need for a picture wall?
3. Build your picture wall around themes
4. Go for inspiration in our large selection
5. Build on the images you already have
6 A cool picture wall can take time to make
7. Tips and ideas for 1:1 design
8. Mood Cloud is free inspiration for you
9. 5 expert tips as inspiration to get you started

Get expert tips for your picture wall or poster wall

Maybe you have a dream of making the prettiest, black and white picture wall, a picture wall over your sofa or maybe a picture wall over your bed in your bedroom?

"Tjooo" - do you think - "that would be a really good idea - but how do I do just that" - you think further. It can be difficult to get started, because there are so many options.

Fortunately, there are many talented designers, interior designers and other creative people who over the years have come out of their experiences and come up with expert tips, and I have, further down the page, collected some of the best articles. If you need inspiration for a picture wall, then there is help to be found here.

How many pictures do I need for a picture wall?

That can be hard to say. It all depends on the size of the pictures and posters you want to be inspired by, and of course it also matters how much wall space you have available.

You do not have to make your picture wall of many pictures. Maybe 2-3 posters are fine for you. But even 2-3 posters can easily have many different expressions if you start to think creatively and, for example, buy posters in different sizes, or let yourself be inspired by the different frame types.

If you are looking for inspiration for a small picture wall with beautiful posters, then you can find help on our page with Inspiration for different picture walls, and if you want to start small with only 2 posters, you can find inspiration and help on our page "Poster pair".

Build your picture wall around themes

When you are in the process of designing your picture or poster wall, it may be good to think in terms of themes. Maybe you love black and white images. Then it might be a black and white picture wall you need to get started with. Is it nature posters - well then it might be a picture wall with nature posters. Everything can in principle be a theme. Then comes the fun work of looking through the selection at the many poster stores you can find on the internet.

Let's say you've decided to let nature pictures be the theme, then again there are many choices. It is often nice to put pictures in color together with black and white pictures, just as it can be nice to mix posters with and without a white border.

It may be that you have a favorite color, and then it can easily be the starting point for your picture wall with nature posters. Nature has so many colors that it is almost always possible to find posters with one's favorite color.

There are as many options for themes as there are images in the world, and not only that. You can also have a theme that is built around the shape. You may be working exclusively with portrait posters or landscape posters, or a combination. You can find inspiration here in our gallery with horizontal posters.

In our gallery with posters for the livingroom, you will find pictures and posters that will all do well in the slightly larger sizes of posters you often use in your living room, rather than in other slightly smaller spaces. Similarly, you can find categories for posters for the kitchen and posters for the bathroom. If you are looking for beautiful pictures to wake up to, we can off course also help you with that.

Go for inspiration in our large selection

Here at Plakatfar's posters online poster shop, we have divided our many posters up galleries and themes, so you can more easily go in search of pictures and posters that fit together. Themes and galleries can be found in the menu, and here you will find, for example, the following themes:

Photo art posters

The posters in this gallery are characterized by the fact that they are all, or are designed, on the basis of beautiful photographs. All our posters are photo posters, with photos taken by ourselves. Those who end up in this gallery just have something different about them. It is very often nature that is the subject, and nature tends to be the greatest artist of us all. Then just be in the right place at the right time with your camera. If you are looking for abstract art, then it is in the gallery photo art posters.

Black and white pictures

You guessed it right ;) Here in this gallery you will find posters with pictures of black and white motifs. A black-and-white poster is the classic among posters, and it is obvious to use black-and-white images in its picture wall. They can partly create a little break between the pictures, and then they are easy to adapt to the other posters in the poster wall.

City posters

As architects, posters with cityscapes are close to our hearts. We often travel the world to visit big cities - which our children have not always thought was so cool. In the vibrant city, there are many exciting and beautiful pictures, and there are many who choose to make a picture wall with motifs from cities they have visited. New York is always a popular theme, and in our poster shop you will find a nice selection of pictures, from New York City.

In our poster shop, you will not only find a large selection of different posters, which make it easy to collect pictures and motifs, for an entire wall. You will also find all our posters in many different sizes. That is, each poster is available in many sizes. This way you do not have to fall in love with a subject, only to find that it does not fit into your new picture wall.

You can buy all posters and pictures in sizes A3, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. While you can also buy, by far, most posters, in sizes A5, A4 and 30x40 cm. Should you fall for a picture that you just have to have for your poster wall, but which is not available in the size you want, contact us - we usually find a solution.

Build on the images you already have

Maybe you already have some posters and pictures on your walls that you just want to supplement with new posters. If so, then the theme may be given in advance, and then it's just about letting yourself be inspired by what you see.

Is there a particular color you love on your existing posters? Or is there a particular mood you like. We have a nice collection of moody posters.

If you already have color pictures, then it may be a couple of black and white posters you need to get hold of. Or if you already have black and white pictures, then it may be a single or two posters in colors you need. Possibly just an extra poster, but with some proper pang of colors. You can find both here at Plakatfar.

Once you have decided on a style, or when you think you have collected as many pictures as you need, it is time to design the wall. If you are the impatient type, you can of course just start by hanging pictures and posters. You can start in the middle and build up and down, as well as out to the sides, and then see where it all ends. 

A cool picture wall can take time to make

Rome was not built in a day, and a picture wall that you have to enjoy for a long time does not have to be finished from scratch either. By that I mean that you can easily spend some time letting the pictures you have already hung up inspire you for the next or the next posters or pictures.

Maybe you already have a strip of pictures that you would like to use as a starting point for exciting or beautiful poster wall. How about hanging them up first, or alternatively place them next to each other, and then go a few days and let yourself be inspired. Then you also have time to visit several poster stores, and if you look in online poster stores, you can do it all from home while you have your other posters at your fingertips. It can hardly be easier.

It is, of course, a matter of temperament how much time one wants to spend on a picture wall. If you do not want to wait but just want to get it fired in a hurry, then you can use our tools as help. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with your new wall decoration and that you thought it fits in nicely with the rest of your home decor.

Tips and ideas for 1:1 design

You can also go a little more technical to work, and make a plan for your suspension. For that, here are a few methods that can be very effective.

1. Lay all your pictures and posters to be used for your picture wall on the floor and it does not have to be in the room where they are to be hung. While they are lying on the floor, it is much easier to move them around than if they are hanging on the wall - but you probably figured that out;). Now you can calmly create your wall, and if you are not in a hurry, it can be good to return over a few days, and move around the pictures.

2. Another method is to cut out pieces of paper, according to all the sizes of posters and pictures you want to use in your picture wall. You can put the pieces of paper on the wall where your picture wall should be, and move them around until you are satisfied with the pattern or design. This last method is really good if you have many different sized images to put together into a whole.

If you are a little unsure of the space on your walls, the two methods can be combined. First, lay your picture wall out on the floor. When it is as you want, you cut out paper and put it up on the wall. That way, you are absolutely sure that you will end up with a picture wall that starts and ends exactly as you want it. Remember to use tape that does not pull paint and wallpaper off your walls.

Mood Cloud is free inspiration for you

On our website you will find a tool that can help you with inspiration for your next picture wall. Mood Cloud is an ingenious help to choose posters based on, for example, moods and colors, across the store's poster series.

Mood Cloud can be used both as inspiration to collect a homogeneous series of posters from poster father, and to find a specific motif or a specific color to match with posters you already have.

Try it out - it is free.

 5 expert tips as inspiration to get you started

Der er, som tidligere skrevet, heldigvis råd, vejledning og ikke mindst inspiration og eksperttips, at hente ude på internettet. Vi har her fundet 5 styks, som vi tror vil kunnehjælpe dig.




In this article from the online fashion magazine IN, you get the secret behind 3 classic goals that will help make your picture wall perfect, from the start.



"Bolig Magasinet" has a nice article here about getting started. From the first idea to the practicality of preparing the wall and getting the pictures hung up. 



Again it is "Bolig Magasinet", which has delivered a good article, where concrete tips are given for establishing picture walls in three different styles - The graphic, The creative and The playful picture wall.  



The magazine "ALT" that describes itself as a lifestyle site, has provided an article where they also discuss goals, internships in connection with the hanging and a little about the placement of furniture in relation to the picture wall. 



Finally, there is the blogger Julie Monberg, who I thought gives some really nice personal advice, based on the experiences she herself has gathered, through the work with the picture wall in her home.


I hope you can use the above articles as inspiration if you have the desire and courage to create a picture wall yourself. Remember that all the work does not have to be done right away. A picture wall may take time to make.


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