Gamle Stavanger - er det værd at rejse efter?
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Old Stavanger - is it worth traveling for?

Wood houses in Old Stavanger

If you are interested in historic buildings and old cozy and steep cobbled streets, then it may well be that Old Stavanger is for you. However, a collection of old whitewashed wooden houses located very close is really worth a visit?

On one hand the answer is no, but if you are in Stavanger for other reasons, then it is easy to get to, as the area is close to the city center, and therefore can be an excellent destination for a brisk walk. That it is also one of the free experiences is, of course, a plus, in a country where one's sourly scraped money quickly gets a leg up. It is possible that Old Stavanger, for example, for Americans, can be a tributary, but as a Dane who is used to old market towns from home, there is so much else to experience in Norway.

 Street view from Old Stavanger

What is Old Stavanger?

Old Stavanger, or Straen as it is also called, consists of 173 wooden houses, built incredibly close to each other, many years ago. They are from the beginning of the 18th century, and almost all are small and painted white, however, a few have broken the tradition and one can now find houses in both blue and yellow shades.

In fact, we had not planned to spend time seeing the city, on our trip to Stavanger. We were there solely to spend the night and have a base for our trips around to some of the area's nature experiences, of which there are many, but because Lysefjord Turbåd, had sold their tickets twice and left us on the quay, where we had to kill some time , before an extra deployed boat arrived, we ended up in the Gammel Stavanger neighborhood.

It is not a must see but if you are close it is a cozy area with small wooden houses very close to each other. You can walk the narrow and sometimes very steep streets, covered with cobblestones, and between the houses you can get a glimpse of the harbor.

Had wooden houses not been a normal sight in the Norwegian cities, then Old Stavanger would probably be an experience on a par with Nyboder in Copenhagen, but the surprise of seeing small wooden houses in a Norwegian city is to be overlooked. But then you are in the city and must have spent some time, so go for a walk and enjoy the old area, it does not require much time.

You can easily get a single or two "Insta worthy" pictures, you can post on social media, but do not set Old Stavanger as a destination.

What sights do we then recommend?

Fortunately, Norway is much more than small wooden houses. Norway's nature is so infinitely rich in experiences, and out in the Norwegian nature, you as a Dane can have the wildest experiences.

We have been to Norway quite a few times, and each time enjoy the walks and nature to the fullest. Outside the Norwegian cities, it's almost just taking the camera out and snapping - and wupti, then you have a beautiful picture. You can see some of our pictures in our gallery with posters with Norwegian motifs.

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Old Stavanger a glimpse towards the harbour


Old Stavanger house facades


Old wooden door in Old Stavanger

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