Low priced Quality Frames

Don't be fooled by our cheap prices! Our frames are some of the most exclusive frames on the market. Slim profiles, solid wood and precise joints are just some of the qualities.

You can buy our cheap frames in many sizes, from the small A5 frames to the huge 100x140 cm frames. You simply click on the images below.


Read here about Plakatfar's large selection of frames and how you can get them cheap if you buy the frames in connection with the purchase of posters. Among other things, you can buy the very popular oak frame of 70x100 cm and 50x70 cm, as well as you can buy a white aluminum frame or black aluminum frame, in many different sizes. We have a solution, regardless of whether you need to find picture frames for black and white or color pictures.

You can buy your 70x100 cm oak frame, your 50x70 cm black aluminum frame, or any other oak or aluminum frame, by clicking on the images abover. If you want to read a little more about the individual frame types and frame sizes, you can click on the button below. It's your home and your pictures, so we just hope you find some frames you can use in our large selection.


Buy our cheap frames and save 15%


Cheap frames for posters

If you buy frames for your posters, they will be delivered framed, ready to hang on your wall. All the frames are of high quality, regardless of whether you choose the sizes that come with glass, or the large frames of 70x100 cm and 100x140 cm, which come with acrylic, adapted to the look you have from a glass front.

We have chosen to focus on seven frames that all fit our pictures and posters perfectly, just as their minimalist design suits the Danish interior design style. The ever popular oak frame, you can get in both a light and dark version, while you can get both black and white frames as a wooden frame and a metal frame respectively and finally we also carry a super cool brass frame - some prefer to call it a gold frame. You get all frames from A5 size up to 70x100 cm.

Buy frames together with your posters

At Plakatfar you can always get cheap frames for your posters. Depending on the size, you can save over 40% by buying the frame together with a poster.

For example, a 30x40 cm frame costs DKK 249.
If you buy the same frame together with a poster, you get it for DKK 149 - a saving of a little more than 40%

Below you can see the frames you can choose from, and you simply choose the frames at the same time as you choose your posters.

Frame 70x100

The large frame sizes of 70x100 cm are becoming more and more popular. In particular, we sell a lot of a 70x100 frame in oak. Frames of 70x100 cm are for large posters, and if you still need to buy a poster from us, buy the frame and poster together and we will give you a free framing.

Oak Wood Frames

flot og billig egetræsramme der hænger på en væg
billig og eksklusiv egetræsramme der ligger på en flade
billig plakat ramme i egetræ med billede af et får
billedramme i egetræ med sort-hvid billede af en strand

Really delicious Italian oak frame, which at the same time has sharp edges, but also has a delicious soft surface. The wood is of course FSC certified, so there is certainty that it does not come from illegally felled wood.

A 70x100 cm oak frame is a very popular size, and of course you can also buy it from us.

Dark oak frame

Oak frames are probably our best-selling frame, and now you can also choose between a "normal" or a dark oak frame. As with all our other wooden frames, the dark oak frame is made of solid oak that has been coated with a dark laser, so that it stands with a silky matt surface.

You get the dark oak frames in sizes from A5, over 50x70 cm to the large ones of 70x100, and of course in the same exclusive quality that applies to all our frames.

Cheap brass frames

Our brass frames, or gold frames as some prefer to call them, are made of aluminium, in the same elegant slim look as our black and white metal frames. This means that with our brass frames you get one of the most beautiful and minimalist frames available on the Danish market.

With one of our cheap brass frames, your wall art will be framed in the most elegant way, which your eyes will delight in, far into the future.

Black wooden frame

Our black wooden frames are among our best-selling frames, and they also fit perfectly with many of our motifs. Here, quality has in no way been compromised. You get a solid wooden frame, with an oak core, where the slim, elegant frame profiles have been painted black.

Buy a black aluminum frame cheap

billig sort aluramme der hænger på en væg
sort aluminiumsramme der ligger på en hvid flade
billig kvalitetsramme i sort aluminium
billig flot og eksklusiv sort aluramme

Beautiful slim Italian aluminum frame with deep black lacquer, on the slightly curved profile. The frame is beautifully machined, with sharp and precise corner joints.

White frame

As with all our frames, here you get a white wooden frame in top quality, for cheap money, so it's just a matter of buying. The core of the frame profiles, with their sharp, precise edges, is of course solid oak. It is therefore a real wooden frame that has been given a final treatment with white paint. Because you can feel the grain of the wood through the paint, some of our customers call it an antique look.

Cheap aluminum frames in white for posters

billedramme i hvid aluminium
hvid aluminiumsramme i høj kvalitet
plakatramme i hvid aluminium
ramme af hvid aluminium med et sort hvid naturbillede

This beautiful white aluminum frame in white comes from Italy. The frame's slim and elegant profile has razor-sharp corner joints.


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