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Shhep | poster


Who said cool? Bold Faroe Islands poster with portrait of a very confident sheep. An animal poster that will stare you down, every single day forever. Photo taken at Saksun, Faroe Islands

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    Genres: Faroese poster, Animal poster, Photo art

    In the Faroe Islands there are sheep - many sheep. They are everywhere and if you take a random picture, there will almost always be a sheep on. it is immediately a little harder if the sheep is to be the motive, because for some reason they have it with turning the buttocks when you get close. It actually took most of a day to capture this one with the camera, but it was in turn absolutely crazy to be photographed, and therefore it ended up as a beautiful Faroe Islands poster.

    faeroesk faar der staar og glor 

    Faroe Islands poster with a fun and beautiful sheep

    Photo art poster with an animal picture

    In 2018, I was in the Faroe Islands to take pictures for the Faroese Volleyball Association, and luckily there was also time to get around the islands and see all the beautiful nature and experience the historic tranquility. The Faroe Islands are just amazing and the Faroese are just nice, and therefore it is only natural to make a special section with posters with motifs from the Faroe Islands.

    It is a very pleasant experience to visit the islands, far out in the Atlantic Ocean. Everywhere you meet positive people, and everywhere there is magnificent nature, ready to take in and photograph. We then had, on top of that, the wild experience of having four windless days, without rain - it does not happen often. A very common motif in the Faroe Islands is the many sheep that characterize the picture everywhere. They are in the fields, they are in the mountains, they are up on the rocks, they are out in the sand, they are standing along the roads and on the roads - in short, they are everywhere and they seem to be enjoying life.

    Now I always thought that sheep were some fat animals. There is something incredibly nice about a sheep as they stand there chewing a little while thinking about life and they come in an incredible number of guises. So this is definitely not the first time I was looking for a sheep photo, but it's probably the first time I could pretty much poke the camera in all directions, and then be pretty sure a sheep came along. But even though the sheep were many, they also have this ability to always turn their backs on when you approach them, and that also happened here in the Faroe Islands.

    Therefore, it took most of a day of hunting sheep with the camera before we met him here, who somehow seemed to be completely cool with the situation. Yes in fact he seems to enjoy standing and posing. I absolutely love him and it has also gone on to become one of the most popular posters in the store.

    If you want to know a little more about Faroese sheep, then you can read more at Gudmund K. H. Niclasen’s Homepage.



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