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Oak Tree Fame 70x100

Oak Tree Fame 70x100

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An oak frame of 70x100 cm is both impressive, elegant and popular. The large frames in oak of 70x100, fit well with many of our posters.

Maybe you want a frame?
  •  Danish Design
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  • Information:

    OBS: 100x140 cm frames are NOT shipped outside Denmark

    All frames are shipped with acrylic (not glass)

    The frame sizes are internal dimensions, and are therefore the size of the image it fits.

    The frame has a metal suspension on the back, so it can be hung both vertically and horizontally on the wall. The frame opens from the back using the metal clips that rotate to the side, making it easy to frame your art.

    It is not possible to run a store without leaving its mark on the environment. But there is no reson not to leave as few marks as possible.

    That's why we print on FSC-labeled environmental paper and only use wooden frames made of FSC-labeled wood. It is your assurance that the products come from sustainable production

    We print in Denmark and your posters will only be printed when you order. In addition, we only use water-based pigment inks that have a very long shelf life.

    At PLAKATfar, it's not about selling as many posters as possible. Every single motif is therefore carefully selected and processed, by ourselves.

    We print exclusively on 230 gr. matt paper. It may not tell you much, but when you have it in your hands, you have no doubt about the quality. The strong paper ensures that the posters do not curl in the frame.

    Our frames are made of the best materials, and in a high quality level. The wooden frames are of course made of solid wood, which gives you both a beautiful vivid framing of your pictures, and our oak frames will fill your living room with the scent of freshly cut wood.

    "We are not the cheapest on the market - but you will love our quality and customer service"

    At PLAKATfar we have always delivered extremely high customer service. Simply because it is the only right thing to do. It should be nice and easy to shop with PLAKATfar, even if you regret your purchase.

    We never ask our customers for reviews, but are very touched by the great reviews we get anyway, every now and then. You can read them by clicking below

    4.4 ★★★★★ on Trustpilot

    5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Facebook

    PLAKATfar is a small Danish poster and picture shop that only sells unique own productions. The shop is 100% our own - Agnete Lønstrup and Niels Kliim, so we can do what we want - and we do ;)

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    alle plakatfars rammestørrelser hængt på en væg

    Rigtig god kundeservice, svarer hurtigt 😊


    plakatfars stjerner på trustpilot

    Super service. Flotte billeder og ramme. Hurtig levering. Handler gerne hos jer igen👍👍👍


    plakatfars stjerner på trustpilot

    Plakatfar har de flotteste plakater og den bedste service.


    plakatfars stjerner på trustpilot

    Solid oak that is FSC certified
    Glass front that does not attract dust and scratches
    Metal fittings for easy hanging
    Metal locks for easy mounting of posters

    Oak frame 70x100 is the most popular frame

    Measured on searches on Google and on sales from our online store, a 70x100 cm oak frame is by far the most popular frame we have in our range.

    There is nothing strange about that now. Oak frames in all sizes have long been very popular. At the same time, it is clear that we are decorating our homes with bigger and bigger posters. Thus, a frame of oak in 70x100 cm will naturally naturally climb high up on the wish list, for many.

    On top of that, oak frames fit perfectly with many of our posters with nature motifs. For the same reason, we sell many posters of 70x100 cm, including frame. If you buy a poster and oak frame as a set, we provide a free framing. That way, you can avoid the hassle of framing yourself. It can be nice, especially with the large poster and frame sizes of 70x100 cm.

    Frame oak 70x100 cm in high quality

    Oak frames are incredibly beautiful. Since wood is a living material, you will never find two frames that are exactly alike. It is not the case that two frames from our online online store do not fit together at all - on the contrary. It simply means that the various vein drawings in the wood help to highlight the beauty of oak. Two or more frames of oak that are connected will form part of a beautiful whole.

    Not only are our large oak frames of 70x100 cm both elegant and beautiful. They are also made in high quality and have smart details that make them a breeze to deal with. You get an oak frame with strong brackets that make it easy to hang your framed posters for the living room up on the wall. The frames also have smart brackets that make it easy to take the back off and on, so you can easily mount your poster in the oak frame

    bracket on the bacside of an oak tree frame 70x100
    Brackets for hanging - vertically or horizontally
    låsebeslag til let indramning på en ramme af eg 70x100 cm
    Locking bracket for removing the back plate

    Oak frame 70x100 and Danish design

    We design all our motifs for our posters. Our design style is very Nordic, with minimalist motifs and muted colors. The oak frame of 70x100 cm, which we have chosen to negotiate, we have chosen because it fits nicely with our Danish design.

    We say that creates Danish design for Nordic homes. A Nordic decor is often based on minimalism and delicious materials. Our simple oak frame therefore fits in well with the concept of a Nordic interior design. Posters, posters and frames are, as you know, much cheaper than many of the house's other furniture. That is why many people use posters and posters to change the decor of their home.

    A large picture in an oak frame of 70x100 cm, or two, can certainly also help to change the look of your living room or bedroom.

    Sustainable wooden frames

    All our frames originate from Italy, and are all made of exquisite quality materials. Our large wooden frames of 70x100 cm are also made of solid oak. So nothing with cheap foils on mdf wood or plastic profiles. Here it's the real deal, all the way through. The wood is of course FSC certified, so you are sure that it comes from sustainable forestry.

    When you get the frames in hand, you are in no doubt about the high quality. The wooden profiles of oak are beautifully processed, so that they appear at once with sharp edges and soft surfaces. The collections are made very precisely, and the oak's warm reddish brown sound completes the exclusive look.

    On the back, powerful brackets are mounted, which makes it easy to hang your new large frames of 70x100 cm up on your walls. And the frames also have smart locking brackets, so it is super easy to mount or change posters in the frames yourself.

    The oak frames have a glass front, which you do not always get on the large 70x100 frames. Often you have to "settle" with acrylic, which tends to absorb dust.

    Save 31% on the purchase of your 70x100 cm oak wooden frame

    If you choose to buy your oak frame 70x100 cm, together with a poster, you save 31% on the frame. We also provide a free framing, and on top of that we provide free shipping once - regardless of order size.

    If you choose to buy frame and poster together, then you must choose your frame on the same page as you choose your poster.

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    Rammer A5, A4, 30x40 cm, A3 og 50x70 cm leveres med glasfront.
    Rammer 70x100 cm leveres med akryl i look som glas.
    Rammer 100x140 cm (kun eg og sort alu) leveres med akryl i look som glas.

    Trærammerne er FSC mærket, så der er sikkerhed for, at træet stammer fra bæredygtigt skovbrug.

    logo der viser et fsc mærke FSC mærket for bæredygtigt træ og papir.


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