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Kollektion: Danish and Nordic Posters Online

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Rigtig god kundeservice, svarer hurtigt 😊


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Super service. Flotte billeder og ramme. Hurtig levering. Handler gerne hos jer igen👍👍👍


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Plakatfar har de flotteste plakater og den bedste service.


plakatfars stjerner på trustpilot

4 gode grunde til at handle hos Plakatfar

gratis levering hos Plakatfar

1. Dansk butik, hvor du får gratis levering i Danmark, ved køb over 399 kr (gælder ikke FO + GL).

billede af Niels Kliim ejer af Plakatfar

2. Jeg tager mig tid til, at hjælpe dig, til du er tilfreds, og du har naturligvis fortrydelsesret.

sikker betaling hos Plakatfar

3. Alle sider hos Plakatfar er krypteret, hvilket betyder at dine data er sikret når du handler.

billige rammer hos Plakatfar

4. Hvis du køber din plakat indrammet, sparer du oven i købet op til 30% på rammen.

PLAKATfar posters online

Plakatfar is owned by the architects Niels Kliim and Agnete Lønstrup. We design all our posters based on the photographs we take on our travels around the world. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Large selection of modern and beautiful posters

In our webshop we offer photo art and wall decoration in many styles. There is no doubt that nature posters with nature motifs have a big place in our hearts and in our store, but we also love to photograph urban and architectural motifs for our collection of city posters, to portray the life of the city. In addition to nature posters and city posters, you will also find posters featuring people and animals. Among other things. You will find a very popular new classic with a cool Faroese sheep, which is available in several variations. In the webshop you will also find a large collection of posters with motifs from the Faroe Islands, as well as a large collection of mindfulness posters and photo art, where we try to use the many colors and expressions nature gives us, for a collection of posters focusing on colors and patterns. Finally, we have a large collection of black and white posters, where motifs and images are retrieved across the other collections. If you are looking for a cheap poster, have a look at our cheap posters section, also called tender posters.

Posters for home and elsewhere

At Plakatfar you will find a wide selection of modern pictures and Nordic posters that fit in beautifully, like wall decoration, in the Nordic interior style. The quality is top notch and at great prices. All posters are made on the basis of our own photographs and it is also ourselves who designs all the designs. Through our large collection of photographs, we have the opportunity to offer a large number of designs, so we are sure that there is also a Nordic poster that suits you. We have posters for everything, whether you need new posters for your living room, posters for your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, your hallway or your children's room, then you will find a poster that fits as a wall decoration. All posters can be delivered in delicious quality frames, and you can of course get posters and posters with designs in both colors and black and white. If you are more into colorful posters, we have sorted all our posters and posters into color categories, so you can easily find a red, blue, green or yellow poster. There is free delivery in Denmark (unfortunately does not apply to Greenland and the Faroe Islands)

Small and large posters

So whether you are looking for a horizontal or a vertical poster, whether the design should be a Nordic nature motif of, for example, a forest, or if you are looking for a city poster with architecture, then we think you will find something in our store. We have emphasized that you need to have the opportunity to get exactly the poster you are looking for, and in this context the size can mean a lot. Therefore, you can buy your posters in many sizes, from the small poster of 15x21 cm to the large posters of 70x100. Of course, you can also get the popular poster size of 50x70 cm, and if you need huge posters of 100x140 cm, we can also supply it. If you are looking specifically for a poster lying down, you can go hunting in our collection of horizontal posters.

We are constantly updating the store's range of posters and posters with new designs. Use our inspirational pages to put together poster designs and design a picture wall, or use the smart Mood Cloud where you put together a poster series in a fun and easy way. Finally, you can also follow the latest news on facebook and Instagram.

Cheap frames for posters

At Plakatfar you can buy your posters framed in delicious picture frames so you can hang up your new posters as soon as you receive them. That way, you avoid the hassle of framing yourself, which can be a challenge, especially with the large posters. We have chosen to create three different frames, which we thought fit our posters perfectly, but which also fit the Nordic décor really well.

You can choose between the ever-popular oak frame and the white or black aluminum frame, which is aluminum metal frames. All our frames are of high quality and you get glass as a front, right up to the large frames of 70x100 cm.

You can buy loose picture frames in many sizes, but if you buy your frames together with a poster, you can save up to 45% frame. That way you get a very cheap poster.

Cheap posters and promotional posters

With our size we cannot possibly be the cheapest on the market, in return we offer high quality and high customer service. That said, you can of course find cheap posters with us, and you do that in Posters on offer.


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“Smukke billeder og ikke mindst uovertruffen kundeservice! Jeg er meget tilfreds.”

- Iben

“Hurtig levering og forsvarligt pakket ind. Vi er meget glade for vores billede. 😊”

- Janni

“ Ja. Så mange flotte ting, jeg kunne ønske mig så mange, men har ikke vægplads 🤗🤗”

- Gunhild

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