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FSC mærkat
FSC certified wood ensures sustainability
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Genres: Nature Poster, Mindfulness Poster, Photography

A beautiful autumn day in the forest, where the first warm rays of the morning sun penetrate down through the leafless treetops, where they heat the moist forest floor, so that the mist rises into the air. A magical and adventurous atmosphere arises between the trees, where the rays of the sun outline in the haze.

rold skov en novembermorgen

Nature poster with an adventurous light between the trees of the forest

Mindfulness poster with a forest.

The picture here of the almost above-ground sunlight was taken back in 2013, when I had an overnight stay in Rebild in connection with some work. I first had to meet again in the evening, so I had the whole day off. A cloudy cold November day. I had the camera with me in the hope of finding some good motives for my stock collection, and thought that I could always drive a trip out into the woods, now that I was so close to Rold Forest.

As I said so done. After checking out from Comwell in Rebild, the trip went to Rold Forest without knowing that I would have one of the really great experiences an hour later.

I actually can not remember at all where I parked or anything from from the actual hike out into the woods, but it is sort of subordinate as well, as it is the moment when the clouds opened up and let the sun's rays penetrate to the forest floor. As the sun's rays warmed the moist forest floor, more and more haze rose from the ground and mingled with the haze the cold morning had created in advance.

Of course, I snapped at the camera as the haze grew closer and closer and eventually rose all the way to the tops of the trees. And then all of a sudden, while the clouds are gathering again, and the sunlight can only just penetrate one last small opening in the gray mass of the sky, this wild moment arises.

It smokes and steams from the bottom of the forest, the condensed mist reaches all the way to the top of the trees and the concentrated sunbeam pushes all the way down through the condensed darkness of the pine forest, and the tall slender trunks of the trees stand like silhouettes against the powerful pillar of light - right in the middle the deep quiet of the forest.

Quite a few moments after the picture is taken, it's all over. The clouds close and I am left in the dark winter cold forest, a fantastic moment richer - and a fantastic picture richer.



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